Meeting at the Pyynikki tower

In this week, we had the Innovevent going on, and other projects, so we didn’t have much time due to conflicting schedules. We managed to find an hour that fit us all and went to grab a donut at the Pyynikki tower, which is a nice spot. I walked from my apartment and met Emilio on the way up the hill.

We all arrived around a similar time and found a table inside, as it was raining and cold outside. We then sat down and tackled a more grammatically complex subject: verb conjugation. I learned how to conjugate s few verbs in Spanish in the different personal forms, and then in different time forms, too.   I found that the basic structure was quite logical and was able to apply the system to some basic verbs. But, as with most languages, there exist irregularities. These do not follow the consistent model, and need to be learned by heart.

I found this a more difficult meeting due to the nature of the subject we spoke about. I am usually better at speaking and understanding the language, the grammar is my least favourite part of the subject.

This meeting took place before our sauna visit.


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