Meeting in the sauna (German – Spanish)

We decided to do the cliché Finnish thing and meet up for a sauna. It was a chilly Saturday with a bitter wind, so it seemed to be a good idea. We agreed to visit the Rauhaniemi sauna. We met in the late morning, with one of our Spanish speaking friends arriving only 10 minutes late.

In this sauna, which was quite hot with 100 degrees, we decided to talk about body parts. We also met a very talkative Finnish man, who spoke to all of us about football and tennis. This was probably the most talkative Finn I’ve ever met. Two of us also went for a dip in the cold water, where we lasted max 15 seconds.

We went through quite a large vocabulary, which was hard to memorize. I will have to repeat the words a few more times before any of them stick. Also, learning at 100 degrees is quite challenging!

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