Our First Meeting (JAP-CHI)

Our first meeting was at Metso. We introduced ourselves each other first and then learned about some vocabularies and sentences which it’s useful in traveling, and basic grammar.

I’ve been leaning Cantonese which is one of Chinese is used in Hong Kong, Macau or somewhere in southern part of China. So I was thinking that learning Chinese is easier than learning other languages but then I realized it’s not like that at all. The reason why I felt is the pronunciation is completely different with Cantonese and also Japanese even though we use the same letters. Here is an example,

我 means “I” and, we can pronounce it ‘ware’ in Japanese, ‘wǒ’ in Chinese and ‘ngo’ in Cantonese.

Distinguishing and Understanding are the hardest point for me to master Chinese but ,at the same time, it is the most interesting point to know differences between our languages. So I’m so excited to get much more new vocabularies!

Our next meeting would be around Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking we will talk about our culture like what meaning Valentine’s day has in each countries and what do we do in this day and so on. Looking forward to knowing the culture as well next time!

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