worst food ever

Today we meet at Pispala Cafe,
It´s a really friendly area and the Café has a lovely charm. The café has special serving times so, be prepared if you go there.

In this meeting I explained the girls how some words are built one new one. Like Handschuh, Hand means hand and Schuh means shoes and Handschuh is the shoe for the hand. So Handschuh means Gloves. There exists many of those words.

And we talked about, what makes German women different from Russian women. Mostly I recordnise Russian in a way they are moving, which is kind of more cautiously. And they have ha typical kind of face shape.

Then it was time to order… We all ordered the cheapest stuff we could get. It was spring rolls.
They were served which a small salad and a sauce. By far it was the unflavoured food that I have ever eaten. And the sauce was definitely not in my thing. When you think now with a salat, there is now way that it could taste that wrong. So, the salat was even worse than the spring rolls. But in this moment, we were so hungry, that we ate everything.

All in all, we had fun. And the area there is worth it to see, but I suggest don´t try the spring rolls. Maybe they will do something different when you are there maybe not, maybe you will be stronger than we were at this meal. So, I wish you luck with this 😉

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