First meeting ( Korean – Finnish)

First meeting (2.2 2019)

We had first meeting 2/2 Saturday. Me and another Korean member in our group went to Hervanta where Kiia’s house is. Because I never been to that area so at first, it was pretty interesting to see a different view of that area. Our group went to Kiia’s house which was surprisingly good and cozy like home considering the fact that the house is also provided by Toas like my apartment. We watched Korean TV show called ‘welcome, is it the first time to come to Korea?’ Personally, I am not a big fan of Korean TV show at the moment, but that show is pretty popular in Korea and it’s normally about introducing Korean culture, food to the foreigner who has never been to Korea before. In this program, one foreigner who actually is living in Korea invites his friends to Korean and makes his friends experience, travel by themselves without help at first. And Finnish people tried some Korea traditional meal which served tons of different side dishes and various vegetables.

I think it’s quite interesting to see foreigner do some different experience in terms of food, activities, etc. And after that, we also went to the dumpling festival in TUT university for celebrating Chinese/Korean new year. It’s quite a memorable experience to try to make, cook hand-made dumpling with lots of foreigners.

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