First Meeting (TAMK Library)

On Monday the 18th of March, we had our first meeting. The meeting started at 14:30 and lasted for almost three hours. We covered different topics at the meeting. We went through each other's goals and expectations toward learning the language. First, we planned our 10 future meetings and then we discussed the differences in both cultures. We set a goal to make all the meetings by the end of next month because Linnea is leaving for an internship to Mikeli and she has to be there by the first week of May.

We tried to have most of the talking in English in order to understand better and remember everything we planned. We also tried to talk in Persian and Finnish. We had a long conversation in Finnish. Linnea started asking me questions in Finnish to get an idea of how is my skills. Starting from simple questions we were able to talk about for a while in Finnish. We agreed that whenever I make any mistake, she will point it out, correct it and ask me to repeat it again. I learned a new word 'kerinneet' which I have never heard before. I also tried to tell her about my language and at least I told her three words in Persian.

Book - Ketab

Pen - Qalam

Notebook - Ketabcha

So, in the coming sessions, I will teach her how to pronounce the Persian alphabet and also numbers, name of things, fruits, animals, daily greetings, and the name of Persian foods. The meeting was interesting and we were excited to learn more in the coming sessions.

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