Second meeting

Hi, everybody!

We had a second meeting 16.3 in Skype.  We had planed second meeting another time, but I have mixed place and we were in different places. I hope my friend has not resented to me. So, we have switched to 16.3.

I was in Kouvola and Benjamin in Tampere. It was a little difficult to speak in Skype, because wi-fi did not work very good. But I understand almost everything and I hope he too.

At first I have planed our conversition but live situation was not so tight and Benjamin asked me different question and it was more comfortable as I imagined.

I tell about my week and my schedule. He wondered that I travel to Tampere two or three time in week and my one way trip is like 3 or 4 hours. It would be two and forty but in winter there are so many delays. I usually stay in Tikkurila like one hour. I need to change the train there.

He spoke about his trip to Lapland. I asked different question because I didn’t come in Lapland and it was interesting to know something about this one. We talked about different culture in Finland, Belgia and Ukraine. For exemple sauna. There is  dodn’t use sauna in Ukraine and Belgium like in Finland.

I asked about Benjamin’s English, how he improve his English skills, why he moved in America for one year and what was more difficult for him.

He met my little two years old daughter and we thought about next meeting, where and when. I hope that it would be today, and no-one disturb us)

I will tell you late how it was)

I wish you have a good day and warm spring!

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