Chinese-Finnish first meeting at Library

We met for the first time at TAMK´s library on 12th of March.  We discussed a little about their knowledge towards finnish language and culture, since they have stayed in Finland since last fall. Chinese students wished to rehearsh some of already learned words, but were also eager to learn new useful phrases and words. We started with different foods and I had fun teaching them to pronounce the finnish words. They invited me to a dinner event the next sunday which I attended to.

For me it is easy to identify with difficulty studing finnish language, since I went trough the same journey 10 years ago when I moved to Finland from Estonia. I think I speak quite fluent finnish, and also know necessary phrases and words for beginners.

I tried to study some chinese aswell, I had fun time pronouncing the numbers. Also I learned how to introduce myself. I think it amazing that some “symbols” are orginating from illustration from different pictures as shown on picture below.

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