Pairing up in the school library

This was my firts meeting in EOTO course. In my group there is only one other student. We are the finnish/ persian pair. I want to learn the basics of persia and my pair wants to learn more finnish. In my first seasson we made list of what we should do and what is the deadline. We agreed to meet 15 times before 1.5.2019 because I will be leaving to Mikkeli to do my intership for the summer. That means that we should meet about two times per week.

We focused  bit more speaking finnish than persia this meeting. I wanted to know what my partner knew already so I dont teach him same things he already knows. We had a really good conversation going on.  He knew Finnish quite a bit already. Im not a fast language learner but i did learn one word from the first seasson witch is ”ketab”. It means book. I need to repeat the same words many times over and over again in my head so i will remember them permanently.

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