Meeting 1: TAMK’s Library(Chinese-Finnish group)

Our first meeting was in the TAMK’s Library on 12th of March. Lily taught us some Finnish words about food firstly because we have already learnt some greeting words and phrases. For me the r’s pronunciation is the most difficult part, so Lily found some words with r and show me how to pronounce. But I thought it need my more practice because I cannot pronounce it well although I tried it again and again.

Then we taught Lily some Chinese words and simple phrases such as greeting and numbers. Lily’s pronunciation is quite well which surprised us because she said this is her first time to learn Chinese language.

ruoka-food                        kala-fish                            kana-chicken

peruna-potato                sipuli-onion                      porkkana-carrot

rapu-crab                          katkarapu-shrimp          mansikka-strawberry;

mustikka-blueberry      vadelma-raspberry       inkivääri-ginger


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