Finns hospitality and Russian maslenitsa (Russian pancake festival)

Some people told me that Finns do not like to invite other people to their home, explaination is easy – it’s the most private place of every person and Finns as I know now like to have private space. But different people – different points of view.

Selina kindly invited me to her home and moreover, allowed me to invite 4 my friends!
It was time of maslenitsa (Russian pancake festival), that’s why Russians come together and cook blini, Selina invited us to celebrate this event with her.

10 March was like celebration Maslenitsa at home: we were cooking and talking, talking and cooking, we learnt with each other how to say sugar -sokeri – сахар, salt – suola – соль, milk – maito – молоко, and all words which we normally use during cooking process.

We spent a really cozy evening together with soulful discussion about cultures, learning a list of new words, full stomachs and a really happy mood!

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