Sunday the 10th of March, meeting around the lake. Our First Meeting (FR-GR)

For our very first meeting, we decided to take a walk on the lake in Rauhaniemi. It was very sunny but there was lots of wind. And so it was very cold!

So Franziska introduced me to the very basics of German. I learned about the three articles:

  • Die (feminine & plural)
  • Der (masculine)
  • Das (neutral)

And some examples that go with it: der Vater, die Mutter, das Mädchen.

Just as in French, there is no way to know which article belongs to which noun except learning them by heart.

Then, Franziska taught me words related to the family, and the nature that we could see around us: der Baum (the tree), der See (the lake), die Sonne (the sun), der Schnee (the snow). I did the same in French for her.

We focused on the right pronunciation of those words. It was a hard exercise, at least for me, because we weren’t facing each other so I couldn’t hear well what she was saying exactly (especially with the wind) and I didn’t have the word written so I couldn’t read it.

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