Russian Biology lesson at Kalevan Lukio

During our first visit Kalevan Lukio, Selina introduced our “Russian gang” to Biology teacher, who was so kind to us! The Biology teacher was really curious in Russian nature, especially in Baikal area, and fortunately for everyone, one of us was from Irkutsk – the closest city to Baikal lake.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos from the lesson, because Nikita (from Baikal lake) and I were talking about nature in Baikal and Urals and were so involved into discussion with students and the teachers. It was so pleasure for us to take part in such kind activity! And moreover, we were SO HAPPY to see how Finnish students were interested in our talks.

As Finland is one of the most cleanest places in THE WORLD, students were really in shock with the situation in Karabash-city… And we hope that our talk about the environment also broadened students’ horizons abour nature in different part of our planet.

After the lesson Selina, Nikita and I went for breakfast to the street market and we contunied to talk about difference in Finnish and Russian school systems.



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