Several languages-3rd meeting

There’s one thing that must be done in Finland is the sauna. So tonight Jessie invited us to a Miami sauna party for the third meeting. It sounds very strange, a sauna in the bar. First, we went to the apartment of another German friend. We discussed various styles of music, Russian and German, and tasted the Finnish-made vodka. Then we walked to the bar, just like all the schools, there was a place to hang clothes when entering the door, and we needed to take off our shoes. It’s worth mentioning that this was a traditional Finnish sauna. Although there was no lake after the sauna, most Finns are naked.

Words learned today:

Vihta: is a birch whisk used for whipping oneself or each other in a sauna. Birch leaves release essential oils that can heal inflammations and clean the skin, while whipping does wonders to your blood circulation.

Löyly: The steam you get in sauna when you throw water on sauna stove is called löyly. It is believed there is löylynhenki, the spirit of steam living in each sauna providing a decent heat for its users. But you should be careful not to piss off löylynhenki, as it can easily burn off your ears!

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