Several languages-4th meeting

Today is my birthday(Oct.9th). I wanted to invite everyone to eat Chinese food, but there are very few local Chinese restaurants in Tampere, and Bettina is a vegetarian, so we decided to go to sushi. The sushi restaurants here are all run by Chinese, so we could also taste a little Chinese food at the sushi restaurant. Now I want to talk about the cultural differences about birthdays. In Spain, everyone will buy some pizzas and drinks to a party at home, then go to the bar for a few drinks. People who have a birthday in the Netherlands should buy a cake by themselves for everyone to eat together. In Italy, friends are paying for the birthday person, and he or she only needs to enjoy it. In China, the birthday person invites everyone to eat and pay the bill, the guests give gifts.

Learned some words today: Cheers + Happy birthday in German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian. Write the name of Julia in Chinese. Say “The food is very good, I can’t eat anymore.” In Spanish and Italian.

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