City tour (English – Finnish/ 1)

Following our initial meeting at the module introduction we had made a WhatsApp group chat. This was great as it allowed us to meet and organise freely when we were available. We were all able to meet following a day of busy classes on the 19th September. Matti coming from Tampere city campus, Liselotte coming from Mediapolis and I was travelling from TAMK.

When we met at Koskipuisto the leaves were falling and the air was cold. This was the first week of cold Finnish weather and it is fair to say that I was not dressed for the occasion. With it being cold and experiencing the Finnish Ruska we headed for the Market hall (Kauppahalli). On our way to the Kauppahalli; Matti was able to tell us about the history of Tampere and can be regarded as a great city guide! After all, he has studied and worked in the area for 8 years.

Ruska = The red leaves that appear for a few weeks during autumn.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit the Kauppahalli yet so it was a lovely surprise to see the variation of stalls and food we were later going to eat…

We settled on a pastry and after a very educational conversation about the Finnish fascination with Rye bread it was fair to say this product will now be added to my weekly shop. As we sat on the bench eating our different pastries we spoke about cultural differences and in particular Finnish student lifestyle. With my fascination with overalls we discussed that if you are in a long term relationship with your partner you will swap the lower half of your left leg overalls and sew on the opposing colour. In my opinion, much more of a commitment than marriage…obviously joking (kind of).


We then headed for the Ratina area and had a walk around when the typical Finnish weather hit! We parted ways and looked forward to planning our next meeting.

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