Romanian – Spanish // First meeting.

Date: 13/09. Participants: Cristina Maria Dumitru, Ramona Andrea Ion, Sara Campos.

For our first meeting we decided to meet at the Y campus in TAMK. Ramona and Cristina started teaching me the most basic stuff about Romanian: common phrases, pronunciation, introducing myself, etc. Then I taught them basically the same thing in Spanish, but I promised to give a better explanation about pronunciation the next time because there are a lot of different rules for pronunciation in Spanish, shome of which are completely opposite to those of Romanian!

I think it was very nice for our first expecience. I already knew Ramona and Cristina before starting this course so this is also an opportunity to get to know them better. I had never thought about learning Romanian before, but it seems like a very interesting language and I’m excited to learn more about it.

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