Romanian – Spanish // Fourth meeting: Romanian dinner

Date: 24/10. Participants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara Campos.

On our fourth meeting, Ramona and Cristina invited me to their house to have a traditional Romanian meal. The dish they cooked was called mămăligă cu brânză și ouă, or mămăligă with cheese and eggs. While cooking we talked about our trips during the autumn vacation and the trips each one of us has planned for the next months. Then it came the time to eating the mămăligă and I was very surprised! The flavour was very nice and nothing crazy, but the texture was something I had never tried before. I enjoyed it and realized how different Spanish and Romanian cuisines are. I really appreciate that they cooked it for me and I loved how excited they were about this dish.


After dinner, we had a cup of hot chocolate and talket about our experience in Finland in general. We talked about the differences that we see now that we have been here for two months, especially between Finnish people and Spanish and Romanian people. We also discussed our personal experience meeting Finnish students and making friends here. It was very nice to talk about our personal lifes and I feel like we’re getting to know eachother pretty well. It was a really nice evening and now I’m looking forward for them to come to my place so I can show them some of my favourite Spanish dishes!

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