Romanian – Spanish // Meeting at TAMK

Date: 4-10. Participants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara Campos.

This day we met at the TAMK cafeteria to have lunch together and just catch up with eachother since it had been a long time since we had seen for the last time. After lunch, we headed to the y campus to study a bit. For this meeting, Ramona and Cristina taught me  human body vocabulary, as well as some basic verbs and prepositions. On my side, I had prepared some accentuation exercises and prepositions but I had a problem sith the printer so we had to improvise a bit. I taught the girls clothing vocabulary and some verbs and prepositions as well.

I think this was a really fruitful meeting because with the things we learned today we can start building some basic sentences and that always makes you feel like you’re making progress while learning a new language.

For our next meeting I will be going to Cristina and Ramona’s place and they will cook a traditional dish. I’m very excited about this, as I’ve never tried Romanian food. Also, they brought me Romanian money! It was relly sweet of them and made me really happy.


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