Romanian – Spanish // Second meeting at Taikapapu coffee shop

Date: 20-09. Prticipants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara ampos.

For our second meeting we met at a coffee shop in the city centre called Taikapapu. I began by explaining more clearly Spanish pronunciation and we also went through the rules of accentuation. This is something a lot of non-native (and even some native) Spanish students struggle with, but Ramona and Cristina got it since the beginning! Then I showed them some basic vocabulary: weekdays, months, colors, family relatives… Then they showed me the same things in Romanian. one of the things that I find the most challenging is pronunciation, because Romanian has some vowel sounds that don’t even exist in Spanish. Another thing is that, since both languages have so much in common, it is very temptating to apply the Spanish grammar to everything in Romanian.

After the teaching part, we just had a nice conversation about our everyday life in our hometowns over our coffee. Later they took me to a local asian supermarket because we had been talking about the food we missed from our homes. Not only did I find some nice snacks there (sunflower seeds are the most typical Spanish snack and I can’t find it anywhere in Tampere!), but we also talked about traditional food and ingredients from each one’s cultures.

It was really nice to meet in a more casual setting and get to know more about Romanian culture in a more personal way. For the next meeting we agreed on having a picnic (if the weather allows it).

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