Romanian – Spanish // 6th meeting

Date: 07-11-2019. Participants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara Campos.

For our last meeting I went to Ramona and Cristina’s place again so we could take a look at the triggers. We had a bit of a hard time in the beggining because we couldn’t properly understand the task, but we came around to it. The topics we chose for our triggers were: places, food and emotions. We went through the vocabulary and decided that we would leave the dialogue for a different meeting since we ran out of time.

On top of that, we talked about Romanian and Spanish nightlife and party culture, and we also showed eachother some popular musicians and singers from our countries. Ramona and Cristina baked some brownies and we had a very nice time. It’s a bit sad that this course is coming to an end soon but I really enjoyed it.

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