Romanian – Spanish // 7th meeting

Date: 12-11-2019. Participants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara Campos.

Today we had our last meeting and we spent it creating some dialogues in Romanian and Spanish. I think this task was very useful because it really makes you think about the language and use it in a more realistic way. It felt very challenging at first, but we helped eachother and I think we did a good job together. Being able to construct a basic conversation was very satisfying considering that my romanian level is still pretty low, and it encouraged me a lot to keep studying. We also recorded eachother while reading some of the dialogue, which felt a bit awkward at first but we couldn’t stop laughing while the others were recording.

It feels a bit sad that this was our last meeting, but I think we all enjoyed a lot getting to know eachother and eachother’s culture throught this course. I didn’t have high expectations at the beggining because I had never thought about learning Romanian but now that it’s over I can say that it was a great experience. Not only did I learn the basics of a new language and got to know about a different culture, but I also made two new friends along the way. I think this method of learning was very fun and rewarding at the same time and you get a completely different experience to other language lessons. I’m very glad to have enrolled in this course and to have learned so many new things.

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