Several languages meeting 3

Sauna is a Finnish tradition. There are as many types of Finnish saunas as there are words in Finnish that mean “snow” (well, in short, a lot more). Different saunas have different characteristics. For example, Ice sauna and herbal sauna. However, they always have the same ultimate goal: the feeling of physical and mental relaxation. This is why we decided to have our 3rd meeting in a sauna party. This was different from the traditional one which is near the lakeside. This sauna party was held in a club. They had a party and a sauna at the same time. We needed t take off our shoes when we went into the club room. And after we dance for a while, we went to the sauna inside. The most interesting Finnish tradition for me is that no matter you are a male or a female, Finns will go to sauna in their naked. This was a unique experience for me.

Before we went to the sauna, we had a pre-drink party at a German friend’s home. At there, we tried the Finnish vodka. Also, we listened to different kinds of music. For example the German music, Spanish music, and Finnish music. The language I learned that day was a different form of ‘I Love you’.


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