Several languages meeting 5

For exchange students, travel is always an indispensable part of exchange learning. I really like to experience different cultural life through travel. This is why I made a plan for our group to go to Tallinn. The planned date is the 13th of October. Tallinn is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Estonia and the economic, cultural, political and transport (transport) center of Estonia. Tallinn is a very beautiful city. The Old Town of Tallinn is still the best-preserved medieval city in Europe. The Old Town of Tallinn was added to the World Heritage List in 1997. Besides, the consumption in Tallinn is not very expensive. We both agreed that Tallinn is a very good place to travel. 

Tallinn’s old town is really beautiful. We saw a lot of Russian elements there. For example the Russian doll. And we also saw the typical Russian clothes in a special restaurant. We also tried the elk meat there. 

At this time, I tried to write the travel plan in german. That was still difficult for me but in the end, I made it. It was a really big process for me and I am still happy with that. 


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