Fourth meeting Czech-Netherlands

Today we had our fourth meeting in DUO. We had a cup of coffee together and both brought some food from our country. I brought pepernoten for the meeting for Marketa to taste, and she brought bábovka, a kind of bread/cake. We both liked what the other brought to the meeting. While we were eating we were talking about the history of the Czech Republic. Marketa told me some history from the year 1400. I can’t remember everything about it, because it was a lot of info,  but it was really interesting and I now know why they have certain days they ‘celebrate’ something. We also prepared a list full of food in the target language and we both read the whole list and tried to pronounce it well. The only word that was almost the same was: Banán – Banaan. The rest like;


Vablko – Appel – Apple

hruška – Peer – Pear

Meruňka – Abrikoos – Apricot

As you can see Dutch looks a lot more like English than Czech. But it was still really nice to learn the basics about these foods. We also recorded the conversation about the different meals we eat in our own home country. We talked in English because the target language would be to difficult and then it was much harder to understand each other.


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