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4th Meeting

Bienvenido de nuevo a la Blog!

We had our fourth meeting on Friday before starting our skiing holiday from school. During this meeting, we were focusing on Spanish songs and learning the words through them. It was an actually good way to learn because we had been hearing the words so many times previously and now to really learn what they were singing in the songs.  We will have a week’s holiday now and a break from Spanish studies. I will be going to a Latin country so I will be practicing my Spanish there. After the break, we will have a meeting and also we will go out to a salsa night! We are all very excited about that!

Hasta la proxima vez!

Second Chinese and Cypriot Meeting!

Nǐ hǎo!   你好

The second meeting was about learning the Chinese characters, Pinyin and the pronunciation which I found it both attractive but a bit difficult to learn.  There are different ways to tone the words and is like singing, because your voice should go from low to high, high to low, high to low and high again or flat voice, depending on the symbol they have above them. Please see an example below:

Furthermore, we have learned the numbers and how to draw them, phrases like “I am Maria” which my name is called “ Maliya” in Mandarin language and also words like “people” which is pronounced “yen”= 人. I found a funny song with Chinese numbers, easy to remember, check this out in the link.

To sum up, it is an awesome experience learning Mandarin from Chinese people who know best! Of course, practice makes perfect! 🙂

The fourth meeting with the Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

This week the girls and I met at their home. And they prepared for me the national dishes of Romania. The first is Mamalyga, which is made from corn grits. I tried mamalyga in Russia, but it is not so popular as in Romanian cuisine. Ramona also cooked meat sausages sent by her mother from Romania. Thank you girls for dinner! At dinner, we learned that we have many common national dishes, such as borsch, cabbage rolls with meat and pancakes. With each meeting, we learn more about each other’s countries, cultures, traditions and dishes. Especially with regard to dishes and some products, we believe that our two countries are somewhat similar to each other!

Third Meeting

Third Meeting

Hei! Hallo!

This time we decided to go to Tessa‘s place and play Monopoly. The original plan was to study numbers and also eventually street names.

After playing for a short time we discovered that from Monopoly we can learn much more than that. The board game and its instructions were in Finnish so every time we stepped on the “sattuma” field Tessa and me tried to read the card out loud and Ninni corrected us and taught us how to improve our pronunciation. In the beginning, it was really hard reading the cards especially since there were really difficult words but after a while, Tessa and I got better and it became easier!

Every time Ninni stepped on of Tessa’s or mine streets we asked the to be paid sum in German. In the beginning, this was easy for Ninni but got harder when the sums increased.. but Tessa and I were there to help!

As Monopoly is not known to be one of the calmest and friendliest games we got to teach Ninni some very useful curse words and vice versa. To sum up we had a very funny but intense afternoon!

Luckily for us to calm our nerves we had gone to buy ice-cream beforehand!

Happy holidays! Schöne Ferien!

Chinese and Cypriot Cultures First Meeting!!!

In our first awesome meeting we had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and to share information for Cypriot Culture as well. The meeting took place on Monday 10th of February, at the Tamk cafeteria.

Our Chinese friend and teacher Zonghang – call him King; and his invited friends, they talked about the traditional Festivals, but they described the Spring Festival more which is their grandest one with a 7-day long holiday, every year usually between January 21st and February 20th.  The dates are around the Chinese solar term the “Beginning of Spring”, that is why it is called Spring Festival.

Moreover, our Chinese friends shared three “Must” destinations which are Shanghai, Beijing and Cheng Du and then, we have talked about their Traditional food. They showed to us many pictures of their delicious food, referring that with every dish there is also rice accompaniment. Additionally, they reassured that not everyone in China eats dogs, cats, snakes and insects but only a small group of people in South China. On the other hand, there are some Chinese who loves a specific type of bug that is “cicada”. Lastly, they have explained about the 56 Dynastic ethnic groups, showing to us pictures!

The Cypriot team, we found it wise to show Cyprus in the map, since it is a beautiful island in Mediterranean Sea, which unfortunately is not so famous, although it is a tourist destination and there are amazing places to visit because it is a combination of sea, mountains and a shiny sun, almost all year round. Talking about Cyprus traditional food was a pleasure, since there is none, local or tourist, who can forget the rich super flavours of our cuisine. We love Food!! For instance, “souvla”, “ofton kleftiko”, “koupepia”, special recipe of oven pasta etc.

Lastly, I believe that both groups we have enjoyed this interesting meeting!

Thank you everyone! 🙂

First meeting with Finnish-German


We met with Sophie today on Friday for our first EOTO-meeting. We made some waffles at my apartment and went through very basic words in Finnish and in German(berries, cutlery, restaurant words etc). Learned that spoon is Löffel, blueberry is Blaubeere and raspberry is Himbeere.

We had a very lovely time and learned already new things about each others language and culture.

We made a flexible plan for our future EOTO-meetings and we decided to meet next on Wednesday for coffee. We planned an agenda for Wednesday, going trough useful phrases.



First Meeting Finnish-German


Today TT and I had our first meeting. We met at her place and bonded over some waffles. While enjoying our food we talked about basic Finnish and German  vocabulary concerning food. I for example learned that strawberries are mansikat in Finnish and knife and fork is called veitsi ja haarukka  . In general we got an overview about each others existing knowledge of the respective language.

We had a great kick-off meeting and will meet again next Wednesday for coffee and will discuss useful everyday phrases then.

Hei hei,


Third meeting German-Finnish

Hey there!

For our third meeting we were meeting at my place to play monopoly! Ninni luckily owns the traditional edition in Finnish language. We learned useful phrases such as “sinun vuoro” or were discussing the texts written on the cards ( trying to translate it first without any help but then asking Ninni to confirm it…. ), street names, where they are located in Finland and so on! As Christina and me were  v e r y  excited during the game we could not help ourselves but complain in german with each other so I guess Ninni got some very useful phrases as well from this meeting.. 🙂

Before starting the game we went to S-Market to get some snacks. We decided to go for ice cream as there are quite a lot of different flavours here in Finland compared to Germany. In the supermarket we were able to improve our vocabulary regarding food and also ‘rehearsing’ from the second meeting when we have been to the restaurant. Not only different ice creams were discussed but also fruits, vegetables and so an. We thought this is very useful for basic grocery shopping as well as going to cafés, restaurants and so on…


Fourth meeting is not agreed yet because we have the skiing break and I am going home.

Bis Bald!!

The third meeting with the Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

In this meeting with the girls, we learned about family members. Now I know how mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, brother, sister will be in Romanian. This time we learned basic verbs such as do, read, teach, know, love, live and others. For me it was not easy, but very interesting. We also told to each other more about our countries, about culture and showed our national money. Ramona and Cristina showed me 1 Leu which depicted the Prime Minister and historian Nicolae Iorga. In turn, I also showed Russian banknotes. The 50 rubles banknote is dedicated to Saint Petersburg, 100 rubles – the city of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater. And 1000 rubles – the city of Yaroslavl, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise.

The second meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

At the first meeting, we found out that there are several similar things between our countries: some words, as well as national dishes. This time, the girls and I taught each other the alphabet so that we could pronounce each letter correctly and be able to read correctly. The Romanian alphabet was not that complicated, and I was very interested in this process. In addition, we did not forget about numbers, Ramona and Christina taught me to count to 10. Next time we’ll know more. We also learned basic phrases such as: Hello, how are you? what’s your name? my name is… I live in … and others. It was very exciting! I like that our meetings are very lively and funny!