When in China

On Monday 10th of February, we had the opportunity of getting to know China from its people. We had our First meeting at the TAMK cafeteria with our group, and our Chinese friend Zonghang, and we discuss their culture as much as ours.

We talked about their festivals, and especially their Spring Festival that is the most popular one, and how the calendar changes according the position of the moon every year. China is divided in 56 different regions and their culture might differ in some things. They told us that as tourists we have to visit Beijing, the culture center, Shanghai, the economic center, Xi an where we can see ancient architecture, and Cheng du where we can eat traditional food and huoguo(hotpot). Also, they inform us that some people believe in Budhism but most population of China do not believe in something.

Then we talked about the food that are eating and we could not hesitate in asking if the rumors of eating animals like dogs and cats are true. They told us that a very small group in South China might eat them, but in general nobody eats them. They told us that they eat a lot of rice, and the only thing that it might be weird that sometimes people eat is cicada ( a type of bug). They also showed us some photos of their daily foods.

After that, we got the chance of introducing them our country, Cyprus, our traditions, our culture and the top destinations for tourism. We showed them some of our traditional savory foods and desserts and we told them that we will arrange a dinner so they can taste them.

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