First meeting

Hallo! Hei!

Tessa, Ninni and me (Christina) decided to teach each other Finnish and German. Tessa and I are going to teach German to Ninni and she is going to teach us bits and pieces of Finnish. For us, it is not important to perfectly learn the language but rather to get in touch with it and the culture coming with it.

Tessa, Ninni and me decided to go the Fazer Caffe for our first meeting. Our initial and very ambitious plan was for Tessa and me to order in Finnish and teach Ninni how the same order would look like in German.

Once we arrived at the café the courage to actually speak finish left Tessa and me and we had to order in English. Ninni taught us how we have to order our coffee the next time and we practised how to say it properly.

“yks kahvi – kiitos “

However, the real difficulty in ordering is as we figured out later how to respond to any surprising questions of the cashier. So, for our next meeting, we are going to order the coffee in finish but have Ninni as our backup in case for surprising questions about bills, customer loyalty cards, type of milk etc.

We learned that in general when ordering a coffee, the contact with the cashier is held to a minimum. Whereas we taught Ninni that in Germany it is considered rather rude to keep it that short and straight forward.

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