The third meeting with the Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

In this meeting with the girls, we learned about family members. Now I know how mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, brother, sister will be in Romanian. This time we learned basic verbs such as do, read, teach, know, love, live and others. For me it was not easy, but very interesting. We also told to each other more about our countries, about culture and showed our national money. Ramona and Cristina showed me 1 Leu which depicted the Prime Minister and historian Nicolae Iorga. In turn, I also showed Russian banknotes. The 50 rubles banknote is dedicated to Saint Petersburg, 100 rubles – the city of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater. And 1000 rubles – the city of Yaroslavl, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise.

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