Third Meeting

Third Meeting

Hei! Hallo!

This time we decided to go to Tessa‘s place and play Monopoly. The original plan was to study numbers and also eventually street names.

After playing for a short time we discovered that from Monopoly we can learn much more than that. The board game and its instructions were in Finnish so every time we stepped on the “sattuma” field Tessa and me tried to read the card out loud and Ninni corrected us and taught us how to improve our pronunciation. In the beginning, it was really hard reading the cards especially since there were really difficult words but after a while, Tessa and I got better and it became easier!

Every time Ninni stepped on of Tessa’s or mine streets we asked the to be paid sum in German. In the beginning, this was easy for Ninni but got harder when the sums increased.. but Tessa and I were there to help!

As Monopoly is not known to be one of the calmest and friendliest games we got to teach Ninni some very useful curse words and vice versa. To sum up we had a very funny but intense afternoon!

Luckily for us to calm our nerves we had gone to buy ice-cream beforehand!

Happy holidays! Schöne Ferien!

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