8th meeting


Hei there!

It became a nice routine to talk to the girls every week even though nothing has really changed. It is just nice to see Ninnis face and hear her answering “Ich weiß nicht“ to my question what she had been doing all day. Since school is getting to an end quite soon it is getting harder to find something to do, find something to talk about.

Actually, there has been a change: Tessa is now back in Finland. She was telling us how people in supermarkets were not keeping the required distance and how nobody seemed to care. Ninni helped her out by teaching us some more some less polite ways to tell somebody to just go away. (Really useful phrases for Fins anyways ;))

Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako?
Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas?
Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

Feel free to use them XD




We also talked about the many events that cancelled one of them being the famous Tampere Blockfest. This lead us to talking about our favourite artists. We realised that actually we are all interested in similar kind of music. Tessa taught Ninni about her favourite German artist seed. We have been listening to quite a few of their songs and tried to make Ninni teach a few lines so she could sing along. In return Ninni told us about her favourite Finnish artist Mouhous and made us listen to it and of course practice a few lines. It was quite interesting to learn those song lines since we actually have heard most of them already in the radio or bars but had never bothered to think about what they actually mean.
So we basically had our own virtual Blockfest XD

stay healthy!


hei hei!

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