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hi, everybody! Today we had the last meeting innnn Saint-Petersburg!!! Yes, you are right, we are in Russia! Joonas managed to go to Saint-P for a couple of days and me too! So, we had a very good walk in the city center and then we cried a bit, cause Carls J was closed in whole city. Joonas was capable to read he names of streets and subway station, so I was verrry proud of him! He even bought a  pack of juice using his Russian skills! Oh, guys, that was awesome. I can write about this all day, but have to go. We wanted to go to the Zoo today. Wish us luck.

P.S. Joonas likes Michael Jackson, so we are listening to  only those songs



Tänään oli meidän viimeinen tapaaminen. Viimeiset kaksi kuukautta pidettiin hauskaa ja opetettiin paljon uutta. Joonas auttoi minua suoruttaamaan Finnis1-kurssista loistavasti ja saamaan hyvän numeron, itse kaipaan viittä niin kuin sainkin J. Joonas on motivoinut minua opiskelemaan suomen kieltä ja tulevaisuudessa mina jatkan harjoitelua hänen kanssaan myos vapaa ajalla! Tänään me menemme pizzalle Napoli-ravintolaan ja puhumme ehdottamasti suomea J




I liked all classes with Joonas, he is mindful, polite and a kind teacher. . He helped me a lot with my Finnish exams and described a lot of Finnish culture things.


The most challenging point of that project was time management since it is tough to have frequent meetings

The next time we will meet, we would go to the cinema with out friends and that is going to be the happiest course finish ever)

8 meeting RUSSIAN DINNER + FANCY DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!

Today me and Joonas had a lot of fun!!!!!  We have eaten a lot of Russian candies and he was impressed by it taste, also he showed me the proper Finnish way of drinking coffee ( you just do it really fast in total silence). He helped me with my Finnish exam preparations and wished me good luck!!! I am totally in LOVEEE with my mate and want to continue our meetings next year also 🙂 but we need to hurry up to finish this course, since Joonas has plans to go to Vietnam for his summer holidays. I think that the level of my Finnish knowledge has increased significantly due to this classes. N9iRS1nHebY


7th meeting!!!! HASTAVAA!!!!!! ( small secret talk)

Today we practiced basic conversations at imagine situations in hospital, restaurant and with little children. We read sanomalehdet and tried to translate it. Joonas explained me what kello käy perunoita and now I know how to say in Finish the clock is slower. What is more, we practiced to say Vatsa kipee, Minä voin huonosti, ja Minulla on kuumetta. Joonas helped me to do my homework and he also examined my vocabulary with out favourite game pantomiimia. It was HAASTAVAA (!!!) challenging.


Joonas wanted to learn countries and continents in Russian, so that was kind of introduction to geography in Russian. He also impressed me with his knowledge of animals in Russian and flowers. Joonas is basically is a green finger, so he enjoys spending time in his grandma house.  The power of earth has given him so much courage that he told me he loves wearing women clothes and dancing in front  of mirror listening Britney Spears especially ‘oops, I did it again’   I love Joonas and his style appeals to me a lot!!!!


7!! Mämmi and Donald Duck !!!

Today, Joonas helped me to write a text to my Finnish introduction video. We practiced it a couple of times and by the next time I have to learn it by heart. He also, helped me with booking a travel ticket to Saint-Petersburg. We constantly have vocabulary tests. Today were verbs and professions. However, I think that I should put more efforts in learning it. After it, we read a couple of comic stories about Donald Duck and decided to have a snack. My mom bought me traditional Finnish dessert Mämmi, which is basically really common at Easter holidays. I liked Mämmi and Joonas too.


6th meeting!!!! Entten tentten Teelika mentten Hissun kissun Vaapula vissun

Today we started the lesson with reading children’s book. The aim of that was to practice the way of syllable pronunciation. Basically all those verses were meaningless, but it is a good way to understand the way of comparison  speech  of double vowels and consonants  with one of it in the word.

The poem which appeals to me a lot is called HASSUTELLEN

Entten tentten

Teelika mentten

Hissun kissun

Vaapula vissun

Eelin keelin klot

Viipula vaapula vot.

Eskon saun

Piun paun

Eemeli vastasi:

Nyt pois!


In my mother-tongue language there are a plenty of words with double vowels and consonants, however I have never paid any attention to this, because the make no difference in the word meaning.  Nevertheless, in Finnish language double letters play an enormous role, so careful attention should be paid to this issue from the beginning of studies. For example, the difference between tuli (fire), tuuli ( wind), tulli (customs).


Joonas listened to my reading mindfully and corrected my mistakes, also we went through my Finnish homework and he checked exercises which were made by me.  The most interesting part of that lesson was learning names of fingers in childlike way, so now I am able to distinguish those.






5th meeting! Koko Kokko kokoo koko kokkoa koko kokolla, koko kokolla kokoo koko kokko koko kokkoa

This class Joonas explained the basic rules of writing formal e-mails, it contents and official allocution, I needed it because I wanted to participate Finnish for foreigners 2 course and I really had to send a post via mail.

All in all with the help of my mate and personal efforts I wrote an e-mail, which consists of 2 sentences


Hey,  Marja!


Haluaisin osallistua Teidän suomen kielen kurssillenne, mutta olin poissa jo kolmesta tunnista. Onko vielä mahdollista osallistua siihen, saanko  myös korvaavia tehtäviä? 


Yst terv. Kulieva Sabina 14IBA

‪ Also, we read the beginning of comic about Scrooge McDuck and it was pretty challenging since of my poor vocabulary and grammar knowledge.


Joonas helped me with prepearing for my Finnish 1 test, we have repeated seasons, months and temperature. Also we have read various Finnish proverbs and saynigs. My favorite Finnish phrase is ‘Koko Kokko kokoo koko kokkoa koko kokolla,

koko kokolla kokoo koko kokko koko kokkoa’ In spire the fact that is literally impossible to say this phrase to a foreigner, it is still nice way to practice language skills.

Joonas expected me to prepare some vocabulary for his Saint-Petersburg trip and common dialogues he might have in the hotel, shop and bus stop

Kalevala book!!!! The 4th MEETING

Today  we were talking about The Kalevala book , so me and Joonas dedicated a class to Finnish folklore and mythology since it has a crucial impact on Finnish national identity. So, I was told about Väinämöinen and Joukahainen, the story about their battle and the way our world was made from an duck’s egg.images


I also had a vocabulary test, from cards I had made at home. This cards are just consist of words with translation on different sides . To my mind, that tip is the most efficient way of learning new words or anything else. We stayed in the TAMKO office for 1 hour to cover everything. What is more, Joonas helped me to fill the application form for sport facilities, so I think next time we will go to the gym together and will have our next meeting either.


Napapiirin sankarit (Finnish humor) third meeting

This Saturday evening me, my classmates from IB and Finnish partner were watching Finnish comedy ‘Napapiirin sankarit’. Of course it was in Finnish, but with English subtitles. I liked this movie because it has ‘special’ Finnish humor and it showed casual life of Rovaniemi and suburbs citizens in winter time. Personally, I would recommend it to my friends, who want to understand what to do in Finland while long and cold winter nights.  Joonas being from north has told me the differences of spelling words and phrases in different parts of Finland. Also I believe that movies, music and books have a solid impact on learning languages.

Napapiirin_sankarit_800c   After movie Joonas has helped me to do my homework and I got task from him to learn animals and transport means. Me and Joonas made a couple of exercises to practice partitiivi since it is still really hard to me to implement this rules while writing texts and sentences.

We also learnt some Russian professions like “учитель”, “стриптизер”, “дальнобойщик”, “любитель девчоночек”. I think It will be important vocabulary for Joonas, since he wants to get internship in Russia.

Alias addiction !!!!

The second meeting was settled in the Europe café with cozy atmosphere and a nice collection of board games. However, all of them were in Finnish, so that make impossible to play it. That is why, me and Joonas have set the first target- learn vocabulary of basic board games and try to understand the rules in Finnish. We started with the game ‘Alias’ where, the player is supposed to describe the word on the card with synonyms. In spite the fact, that is wMNPuSzCdr5kas really challenging, I liked it a lot and with support from my mate I was capable to depicture a couple of words I had known. This way of learning and language skills practicing could be the first tip in achieving success of studying Finnish language.

Joonas has told me about his home city-Oulu the oldest city in Northen Finland also he said a lot about famous people who came from Oulu. For instance, Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg was the first Finnish president and the world famous rock band Sentenced was also set up in Oulu. To my mind, the Finnish history could be also a tip of understanding culture and tradition, which highly correlate with the basic of language as a whole.