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Cooking Korean food and picnic with friends

On Monday it was our last meeting! We cooked some Korean food with friends and after that went to Koskenranta have some wine. Looking forward to meet Jisoo again in Seoul next spring when im going there for exchange!


We also studied weekdays and months, it was pretty simple. Weekdays have always same ending, -“juil”. Woljuil, hawjuil, sujuil, mokjuil, kumjuil, tojuil, and iljuil.
Basically months are counted with numbers and added “wol” in the end. So January is “first month”, February is “second motnh”, etc..
Il wol, e wol, sam wol, sa wol, yu wol, yuug wol, chil wol, pal wol, gu wol, sib wol, sib il wol, sib e wol.


I wanted to show Jisoo the most common way to celebrate vappu in Tampere. So I invited her to Koskenranta to have picnic and chill with friends!


In Laikunlava, there was this event Wappufest, where artist Karri Koira had his concert. We were dancing and singing all the time and when he ended his show, we had his signatures and took some pictures together! 🙂



After Wappufest, we went to terrace and talked for a while before Jisoo went to homeparty. She was planning her trip to Russia, and I was really surprised that Korean people don’t need visa there, even thought we need for sure.. 😀

Blueberry pie baking day

This meeting was our sixth, somehow I have forgotten to write about it..

Anyways, this was really nice day, we made some blueberry pie together! We used my recipe, which was in Finnish so Jisoo had to learn some product names.
I taught Jisoo some Finnish berry names, and she also tried to pronounce letter “r”! It takes long time for Finnish people to learn as kids, so she learned really fast, all thought we still need to work on it a bit I think.. 😀
I also helped Jisoo to do her Finnish language homework, and it was nice way to study together. I taught many words and also how to make sentences.


Japanese dinner

Last time we went to Asian restaurant, Izakaya Nomu to have dinner. We had some sushi, okonomiyaki, sashimi, and of course Korean soju! It was really fun to relax, eat and talk together. We learned basic things you say when you have dinner with someone, like “enjoy your meal”, and “cheers”! It was surprising, that in Korea it’s common thing to say, “I will enjoy my meal, thanks” rather than wishing it to other people.

I think next time we are going to meet is in wappufest! Unfortunately I need to work during the EOTO spring party on Wednesday so I can’t take part to that..

Fazer Cafe Breakfast

Sixth meeting. Today we had breakfast together in Fazer Cafe. It was so crowded because of Sunday brunch, that we had to share our table with others. So not that ideal place for studying.. We just talked about what we have done lately, and also about Jisoos coming trip to Dublin, where she is leaving tomorrow! I taught her some Finnish words and pronunciation from Finnish texts we found from cafe.

After that we went to Koskikeskus to shop and enjoyed lovely spring weather!


Waterday @TAMK

We met on Wednesday at school because there was waterday event. Jisoo had made water cakes, whitch was made only from gelatin, sugar and water, and it was served with maple syrup. I think it was funny dessert, tasted like water!


We went to listen seminar in auditorium about “Water Services in Global Perspective”. It was interesting to listen, something different than what we normally study at school.

After the seminar we went to have some luch and discussed about different cultures and travelling.
It was nice to meet during school day!

Studying in Cafe Europa

Our fourth meeting was studying and drinking ice tea in Cafe Europa.
I learned for example good sentences to order in cafe or restaurant.

Can I have ice tea. – Ice tea ju se yo.

I will choose burger and ice tea. – Burger lang ice tea hal ge yo.

Thank you. – Go ma wo yo./Gam sa hab ni da.

I’m sorry. – Jei so hab ni da.

Colour – Sak
Red-Bbal gang
Orange-Ju hawang
Yellow-No lang
Green-Cho lok
Blue-Pa lang
Navy blue-Nam sak
Purple-Bo la

Kauppahalli & Pyynikki

We started our third meeting by tour in Kauppahalli with our friends. It was part of Jisoo’s “Finnish cuisine” course. We walked around store hall and got to taste some cheeses and cold smoked horse meat! Then we had good and cheap lunch in there. There was three Finnish, and two Korean students in our group so we talked a lot of our countries differences etc.. It was really nice and fun afternoon!


After tour we headed to Pyynikki observation tower by bus. We had some donuts and coffee in the cafe. Then we viewed landscape upstairs of the tower!


Cooking Korean food

Our second meeting, we cooked Korean food! We started with grocery store shopping, then we went to my home and began to cook! We made kimbap(Korean sushi) and kimchi. It was really fun and interesting! Jisoo taught me how to cook rice properly and I also learned the real way of making kimchi. Even though we didn’t have all the ingredients, it turned out really nice.
korean food
We also had time to study. I learned Korean numbers.
From one to ten: il, e, sam, sa, u, yoog, chil, pal, gu, sib!
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand: bag, chun, man.

And some sentences:
Sa lang he! -I love you.
Po ko sipu/siputsu! I miss/missed you.

Jisoo had birthdays earlier so we celebrated that as well. I learned how to wish happy birthday in Korean.
Saeng il chuck ha hae yo!

First meeting, second hand and cafe

Our first meeting started with second hand shop tour in Kyttälän Kirppis. We didn’t find anything that we could buy, but it was nice to look around. After that we went to Café Runo, to have some coffee and tea. I learned a lot of Korean alphabets, how to write it and also about pronunciation, now I just need to try to keep it in my mind! I also learned some words and sentences. For an example:

An nyeong ha se yo = Hello (polite way)
An nyeong = Hello (to your friend)
An nyeong he gae se yo = Bye (if somebody leaves and you stay)
An nyeong hi ga se yo = Bye (if you leave and somebody stays)
Jal jinetso? = How are you?
Jal jinetso. = I’m good.
Ani = No
Ne = Yes
에미나 = Emmiina
김 지 수 = Kim Ji Soo

My task was to try write Jisoo’s name in Korean alphabets, and I found all the right letters, but adjusted them in wrong order. This picture explains how to adjust letters in right way. Not that simple, right? 😀
2016-02-06 12.42.08 1

I taught some words, sentences and pronunciation of our alphabets to Jisoo. We had lot of fun and three hours went really fast, we stayed at the café till it was closed! On our way home we decided that on the next meeting, we are going to cook some Korean food, kimbap and kimchi! Can’t wait for that!