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Tenth meeting – ¡Feliz navidad!

Today we had a little christmas party. We met in my apartment. I wanted to invite Gabriela and Getuar to my home, because I wanted show to Gabriela what kind of homes finnish people have. We thinked about differences between our homes. We listened Christmas songs and we had chocolate, gingerbreads, mince pies and mulled wine (glögi). Gabriela liked glögi a lot, which is kind of red juice and taste is from spices. I had a small accident with cooking – half of the glögi burned bottom of the kettle when I boiled it! Funny memories, haha! We made maté also and we shared it together. I’m not sure does Getuar liked maté? 😀

It was very nice evening with you. You both are awesome people. Hope I see you soon again! <3


Nineth meeting – La musica

We talked about the music. How different it is in other side of the world. Gabriela told that in Latin America they listening for example gumbia and reggaeton music. She showed to me and Getuar some Argentinean rock music, Soda Stereo band.

I think Latin Americas music has more rythmic than Finnish music. In Finland, songs have strong melody and some people likes to listen also finnish rap-music or heavy rock. Music in Latin America has more good feelings and it brings sun and warm to my mind.

I think it was funny that Gabriela knew finnish The Rasmus band before she came in Finland. She said that she listened The Rasmus when she was a teenager! Of course we know The Rasmus too in Finland. I and Getuar know few artists from Latin America. We like J Balvin and Don Omar. Gabriela knows these too, but she likes to listen music from Natalia Lafourcades.


J Balvin

Eight meeting – La familia

Our eight meeting was in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Sometimes we choose our topics before the meeting, but then we start to talk for other things and laughing together. Then topic is forgotten sometimes. But I think that’s one of the points, spending time together and knowing each other better? We have always very fun in our meetings!

At this meeting we learned only familymembers and relationships words in spanish and finnish.

FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Mies                                    Hombre                              Man

Nainen                               Mujer                                   Woman

Poika                                  Chico                                   Boy

Tyttö                                   Chica                                    Girl

Isä                                       Padre/Papá                        Father/dad

Äiti                                      Madre/Mamá                     Mother

Veli                                     Hermano                             Brother

Sisko/Sisar                      Hermana                             Sister

Isoäiti                                 Abuela                                Grandmother

Isoisä                                  Abuelo                                Grandfater

Poikaystävä                      Novio                                  Boyfriend

Tyttöystävä                       Novia                                  Girlfriend

Ystävä                                  Amigo/Amiga                   Friend

Serkku                                  Primos                              Cousins

Täti                                         Tía                                       Aunt

Setä                                        Tío                                      Uncle

Vauva                                     Bebé                                  Baby

Vanhemmat                        Padres                               Parents


Seventh meeting – Los adjectivos

We had meeting in a library. Gabriela have an finnish language exam in next week so I and Getuar tried to teach finnish to her. Gabriela have learned much already. We learned colors in spanish and finnish. I was little bit surprised that I can still remember basic colors in spanish! Also we learned other adjectives, how to describe something.

Here you can see a few:

FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Punainen                          Rojo                                   Red

Sininen                               Azul                                   Blue

Vihreä                                 Verde                                 Green

Keltainen                           Amarillo                           Yellow

Oranssi                               Naranja                             Orange

Ruskea                                Marrón                              Brown

Violetti                                Violeta                               Purple

Valkoinen                           Blanco                              White

Harmaa                               Gris                                    Grey

Musta                                   Negro                                Black


FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Uusi                                    Nuevo                                        New

Vanha                                 Viejo                                           Old

Nuori                                  Joven                                         Young

Iso                                       Grande                                        Big

Pieni                                   Pequeño                                    Small

Pitkä                                    Alto                                              Tall

Lyhyt                                  Corto/Pequeño                        Short

Kallis                                  Caro                                              Expensive

Halpa                                  Barato                                         Cheap

Kuuma                               Caliente                                      Hot

Kylmä                                 Frío                                               Cold

Kaunis                                Linda/Hermosa/Bonita        Beautiful

Komea                                Lindo/Hermoso/Bonito       Handsome

Onnellinen                         Feliz                                            Happy

Surullinen                          Triste                                          Sad

Hyvä                                      Bueno/Bien                            Good


Sixth meeting – Meses y cultura

In our sixth meeting we met in Kaffila. We learned months. Me and Getuar taught to Gabriela months in finnish and Gabriela taught months in spanish to us. We noticed how difficult is explain what finnish months means, because we don’t know. We think that in some way you can deduce the season of the year of it? Haha, it was weird and funny conversation.

Gabriela showed pictures from Uruguays culture to me and Getuar. We talked about the maté –drink what they drink in Latin America. Maté is traditional refreshing drink which is made of the Maté trees leaves. Maté have almost similar taste than very strong green tea and it’s typical share it together with the family or friends.

Getuar have never tasted it, but he said that he have seen argentinean football player to drink maté in television. I have maté at my home because I was exchange stundent in Argentina in last spring. I think it could be nice to share it together!



Fifth meeting – ¿Que hora es?

Gabriela taught to me and Getuar how the clock times going in spanish. Eventough I know something about Spanish, clock is little bit difficult.

At the next meeting we are going to Vapriikki –museum. I wait for it because I’m from Tampere and I haven’t never been there!

Here are greetings what we also learned in this meeting:

FINNISH                           ENGLISH                          SPANISH

Hyvää huomenta!       Good morning!                   ¡Buenos días!

Hyvää iltapäivää!         Good afternoon!                ¡Buenos tardes!

Hyvää iltaa!                    Good evening!                    ¡Buenos noches!

Hyvää yötä!                     Good night!                         ¡Buenos noches!

Fourth meeting – En el café

Today we met in the Waffle Café which is very cute little place with delicious waffles. I bought salty salmon version of waffles. Getuar and Gabriela choosed sweet waffles with ice cream and jam. I was little bit jealous, but salmon waffle was very good too…

Our fourth meeting included weekdays and we talked about the culture of Finland and Uruguay, principally of holidays. What kind of Christmas is in Finland or in Uruguay? What’s the differences and what’s the same?

Here in Finland our Christmas traditions depend for families own traditions. I told to Gabriela that we open the presents usually at afternoon in Christmas eve. Gabriela said that in Uruguay they open gifts always at the midnight. We forgotten to speak about the Christmas food so we need to continue this topic later…


At the under you can find few things what we learned today:


maanantai      monday         lunes

tiistai             tuesday          martes

keskiviikko   wednesday    miercoles

torstai            thursday        jueves

perjantaina     friday            viernes

lauantai          saturday        sábado

sunnuntai      sunday          domingo


tänään            today             hoy

huomenna     tomorrow      mañana

eilen              yesterday       ayer

päivä             day                día

viikko            week             semana

viikonloppu   weekend        fin de semana

Third meeting – En el restaurant

We ate in a finnish hamburger restaurant Hesburger. Gabriela wanted to tried that one, because she knew Subway and Mc Donald’s already. In Hesburger we looked coupons together and we learned numbers for the prices. We learned numbers 1 to 100. Gabriela knew Finnish numbers well already. Getuar learned new things and I wanted to remember numbers in Spanish again.

Me and Getuar notice that it can be challenging to Gabriela understand numbers in conversations because in Finland people use abbreviations. For example Finnish people can say thirty in different ways: “kolmekymmentä” or “kolkyt” (30).

It was very nice to meet Gabriela and Getuar again!


Second meeting – En el supermercado


Today we were in supermarket. Gabriela taught fruits and other foods in Spanish. I and Getuar tried to help Gabriela with Finnish products. Finnish supermarket can be very confusing for Garbriela, because everything is so different than in Uruguay.


For example in Finland we have lots of different milk products. We tried to explain to Gabriela which is the difference of milks. What is fat free, what is light and things like that. Same thing in eggs. In Finland here is many variants of eggs, for example organic eggs.


We all learned many new words, for example:


porkkana       a carrot          la zanahoria

tomaatti         a tomato        el tomate

omena           an apple         la manzana

basilika          a basil            la albahaca

appelsiini      an orange      la naranja

mehu             a juice            el jugo

liha                a meat            la carne

maito             a milk            la leche

juusto            a cheese         el queso

kinkku           a ham            el jamón

First meeting – ¿Cómo te llamas?

Today was our Each One Teach One -groups first meeting. We met in a Wayne’s Coffee. First I stressed a bit about my English skills, because my vocabulary isn’t very wide. But when I met Gabriela and Getuar, the feeling was very comfort. Getuar can speak also finnish so he helped me if I didn’t find some word.

Gabriela was from Uruguay and that was amazing, because I was exchange student in Argentina last spring. I travelled to Uruguay and with Gabriela we had many common things to talk about South-Americas culture.

Gabriela started to teach spanish language to me and Getuar. I knew something basic things about Spanish because of my time in Argentina, but of course I am an beginner like Getuar. I understood how much I have forgotten for the spanish language, but spanish words returned fast to my mind.

We learned basic things in spanish like how to introduce yourself and how to say hello, sorry, thank you and so on. We tried to study verbs, but we think that’s too difficult thing to learn first. Maybe in next meeting we start to study easy words. For example weekdays or numbers.

In any case it was very nice to meet my Each One Teach One -group and I’m looking forward to meet they soon again!

– Janica 🙂