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Stockholm on 14.11.2016

Our 10th EOTO session ended up happening in Stockholm since Patty, me and one of my Finnish friends went on the Pirates of the Baltic cruise to Sweden. We had a day to see Stockholm and we decided to teach each other some sentences while going out and about since we always have fun while doing it; it doesn’t feel like we’re doing an actual assignment for a course at all.

We taught each other sentences like “Do you like this city?”, “What do you want to eat?”, “We need to go in the metro” and “I would like to buy a souvenir”. In retrospect, I don’t remember all of the sentences that we taught each other but I remember some and that’s already really good. Patty did really well again though; I think she’s still super motivated to learn as much Finnish as she can while she’s here.

Since this was our last and 10th session, I reflected back on the whole experience a little bit. I think that it got a lot easier to learn after I got more used to Dutch and the type of language it is. It’s also really helped that me and Patty have become such amazing friends and that we spend a lot of time together. When I’m around her, I hear a lot of Dutch and I’m exposed to it a lot so I can pick up on some phrases that I hear again and again.

I think that the fall break when we went to the Netherlands together was the highlight of our EOTO course. I got to practice my Dutch in Holland and meet a lot of Dutch people that I’m now friends with so my social media also has a lot of Dutch on it.  We’ll probably keep teaching each other Finnish and Dutch for the rest of the time we’re spending together this year but probably won’t keep a more official track record of it.

I can have a short conversation in Dutch and I can now follow a conversation. I think me and Patty were very successful in our Each One Teach One course and I know I’ll need to remember my Dutch since we’ve already planned for me to go to the Netherlands for a few weeks in the spring and I’m pretty convinced that I’ll put Amsterdam and Utrecht on my choices when I apply for the mandatory exchange for International Business students in a few months.

Kauppi park on 10.11.2016

The first real snow fell and I told Patty that I needed to show her around before it was going to melt (which it did) since the first snow never stays. She really, really loves snow and was really hoping to see some so of course I wanted her to get to see the nature.

I decided to take her on a walk to the jogging trails that are pretty much behind TAMK to see the nature and see a lot of snow and for Patty to just enjoy it. And it was a great opportunity to teach each other some words and sentences about the snow and winter and everything that was around us.

I’m happy about teaching Patty more Finnish since her time here is coming to an end very soon and I want her to be able to speak at least a little Finnish. I think she’s started to do even better with learning, even though it’s hard to remember Finnish. Patty’s had some new motivation since she wants to enjoy the rest of her time here as much as possible.

Remembering the Dutch wasn’t impossible this time which was a relief for me. I’m trying to really learn as much as I can since I won’t have Patty here to teach me after December and TAMK doesn’t offer classes in Dutch. So if I want to remember it, I need to really try now and make notes of the words and sentences that I’ve learned.

Some of the sentences that we taught each other are:

  • It’s snowing
  • Let’s go for a walk
  • Are you tired?
  • Watch out, it’s slippery here
  • The water is frozen
  • It is getting dark
  • Let’s go back


Pyynikki tower on 22.10.2016

Patty really wants to see more of Tampere since she’s already halfway through with her exchange here so I took her to Pyynikki on Saturday. It was super cold and autumn-y but it was really pretty there and Patty was really amazed with Finnish nature. I think it might’ve been the first time she was really around it…

We walked around at the beach and kind of walked through the little part of the ”forest” and Patty was really amazed at me actually being more of a country girl. I told her I grew up playing in Finnish forests and I think most Finnish kids from the 90s have.

Of course we had to go to the café so that Patty could try the infamous donuts that they serve in the Pyynikki café. We had hot chocolates and shared one donut.

Since we had learned proper, usable sentences the past two EOTO sessions that we did in the Netherlands, we wanted to make this one a bit easier on both of us so we decided to just teach each other words. They were all related to our day in Pyynikki and I didn’t find it too difficult to remember them but pronouncing some of them was rather difficult. It was a bit surprising since I had done so well with using my Dutch in Holland but I guess you just can’t have a good session every single time (when it comes to the actual learning part).

Patty didn’t have her most amazing learning session in terms of remembering words but we still had a laugh and hopefully we’ll both remember at least some of the words.

Van Gogh museum on 18.10.2016

Since I loved Amsterdam so much, we decided to spend another day there while on our fall  break in the Netherlands. I also love 17th-20th century art and my mom (who’s already been to Amsterdam before) recommended that I visit the museum.

I wanted to learn more Dutch while in the museum so I could practice talking even more so we picked some art related words and sentences, like:

art – Kunst – taide

artist – kunstenaar -taiteilija

I really love this painting –  Ik vind dit schilderij heel mooi – Minä rakastan tätä taulua paljon.

I love these colours – Ik hou van deze kleuren – Minä rakastan näitä värejä

Van Gogh is an amazing artist – Van Gogh is een geweldige artiest – Van Gogh on mahtava taiteilija

What year is this painting from – Van welk jaar is dit schilderij? – Miltä vuodelta tämä taulu on?

Can you tell me about this painting? – Kunt u mij iets over dit schilderij vertellen? – Voitteko kertoa minulle tästä taulusta?

Can I take a photo? – Mag ik een foto nemen? – Voinko ottaa kuvan?

Can I eat here? – Mag ik hier eten? – Voinko syödä täällä?

Where’s the bathroom ? – Waar is de wc? – Missä vessa on?

I didn’t do as great with these sentences as I did with the earlier ones in Amsterdam (I couldn’t remember them as easily) but I’m still happy with my progress. It was great to enjoy Amsterdam some more and see more of the city.

Patty’s being really persistent about learning Finnish, which is great since she always wants to learn even when it’s hard.

Amsterdam on 15.10.2016

Since we were in the Netherlands at Patty’s place (she lives 20-30 minutes from Amsterdam), I didn’t spend my whole time in Amsterdam (and I am really happy that I got to see way more than what most tourists see). We did go on Saturday though and I was so excited about going.

She had assured me that I’d absolutely love the city (and the Netherlands) but I had been a bit nervous before leaving for our trip since I felt like it was a lot of pressure to go see a place and decide if I wanted to spend a year there or not. I ended up completely falling in love though so we both worried for nothing. Amsterdam was so, so beautiful and I just wanted to stay there for longer. I couldn’t, since I had to come back to Tampere to keep going to school but I’ll definitely be back in the Netherlands soon.

When we were walking around, I asked Patty to teach me some Dutch sentences so  that I could practice my Dutch and talk to the local people (who I didn’t see that many of in the centre of Amsterdam). I actually did pretty well since I did use some of the questions she taught me (that can be found in her EOTO post) and people understood my Dutch even though I have an accent (Patty says I sound cute but she might just say that cause she’s my friend and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings). I was really, really happy. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned by just being motivated to learn.

I did teach the sentences to Patty in Finnish but we were more interested in the Dutch since we were in the Netherlands and in the shopping since we were on the shopping street in Amsterdam. We’ve officially taken our EOTO sessions international now.



Munich airport on 13.10.2016

We were flying to the Netherlands on a Wednesady and our flight was actually quite tough. We had a 6 hour layover in Germany and we left from Tampere at 1:30 in the morning so we were really, really tired since it was such a long day for both of us.

We had a lot of time at the airport as mentioned and we wanted to teach each other some more Dutch and Finnish. This time Patty wanted us to do actual sentences that we could use at an airport and I was really excited to learn all that since we were travelling to the Netherlands and I could use my Dutch there.

Some of the sentences that we taught each other were these:

 I’m really tired. = Ik ben heel moe. = Minä olen todella väsynyt.

To which gate do we need to go = Naar welke gate moeten we? = Mille portille meidän pitää mennä?

How was your flight? = Hoe was je vlucht? = Miten sinun lento meni?

This airport is really nice. = Dit vliegveld is echt mooi. = Tämä lentokenttä on todella kiva.

Do you want to go grab a bite? = Wil je iets eten = Haluatko mennä syömään?

Are we going to be in time for the next flight? = Zijn we optijd voor onze volgende vlucht? = Olemmeko me tarpeeksi ajoissa seuraavalle lennolle?

Excuse me, can I get through? = Sorry, mag ik er langs = Anteeksi, pääsenkö läpi?

I felt like these sentences were all really useful to remember in actual life when you’re traveling in either Finland or the Netherlands. Pronouncing Dutch isn’t the biggest struggle for me anymore; I think I’m getting more and more used to it. It was a little difficult to try to remember all these sentences (and some more) after one sitting. So I think I need to review them a lot in order to remember them and be able to use them. Overall though I’m happy with the session we did since we were really tired but we still stayed motivated in trying to learn our languages.

Teaching Patty was a bit harder this time since some of the sentences in Finnish were really difficult and it was hard to understand why some words are conjucated the way they are and even more difficult to explain. I think she still did a great job since Finnish really is super difficult and Patty pronounces it all really well.

Pancho Villa on 5.10.2016

Patty felt like getting french fries so we went to get some at Pancho Villa and we decided to teach other some more words in our languages. It was a really nice, quiet kind of place since we were sitting in a booth away from all the other customers in the restaurant and we had plenty of time to discuss the different words for the things that were around us.

Patty thought me random words in Dutch. I learned how to say lipstick,  french fries, soda, rain, cold, autumn and other words that came right into mind when we sat there. It was a really cold autumn day and she taught me how to say that it’s really cold outside. I think I didn’t learn as much as I usually do but I did still learn plenty of new words that I’m trying to memorise now.

When it came to teaching Patty, I thought her almost all the same words and she did a really good job in pronouncing them all. I think she’s getting used to the way Finnish is spoken and she’s getting the hang of having a better accent when she speaks.

We’re still following our plan pretty well since we are learning tons of new vocabulary every time we see each other and have an EOTO session. I’m happy with both of our progress.

learning on 27.9.2016

Besides reporting and reflecting on my learning and teaching experience, I have to make a confession. I’m going to Holland in a few weeks! Me and Patty found cheap flights and Patty’s boyfriend has a birthday during our fall break so we thought, ”Why not?”

I’m so excited to go! I get to see Holland and practice my Dutch and eat Dutch food and meet more Dutch people. And this way I can really figure out if this is a place I want to spend my exchange in, since I’ve never been to the Netherlands before.

During our EOTO session, Patty taught me more sentences in Dutch that will probably be useful in two weeks. She taught me how to order a drink in a bar, how to introduce myself in more detail while meeting someone and how to say that I only speak a little bit of Dutch among other useful phrases and sentences.

It feels like I’m building up on my Dutch, a lot. At this point, where I’m starting to know more words, I think I need to start trying to memorize all the old ones really well before learning new material in order to keep actually learning and building up my language skill.

When it was my turn to teach Patty Finnish, I taught her the Finnish numbers from 1 to 10 in both the actual way and the slang that people use while speaking. They were pretty difficult for Patty to remember so I didn’t teach her any more numbers since the numbers in Finnish are a real mouthful.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, as usual and we’re both enjoying our EOTO experience.

Oma on 16.9.16

We met up at Pyymäen Oma, which is my favourite café in Tampere since it’s so cute and welcoming and homely and we’ve coined it as our café since we’re there really, really often. I taught Patricia some verbs and words in Finnish and helped her create sentences with that and I’m so proud of how well she did. Of course it’s impossible to remember a lot at once but she did an amazing job at trying.

Then, in turn when she taught me more Dutch, I got to know a few sentences that I think I might actually use. How are you, my name is, I’m from Finland; the basics. I felt like I’m really starting to build up my Dutch since I remembered most the words she had taught me earlier and now I got to know more. I could go around saying ”Hi, how are you?” to people from the Netherlands in their own language.

We had a lot of fun. Again. We just have a lot of fun hanging out together and I’m happy we can include learning each other’s languages in the time we hang out. And everytime we teach each other our languages, we have a laugh. There always seems to be something funny. I don’t think that teaching Patty is too difficult since she’s open to learning and like me, she’s more of a language person (than a math person) so we’re similar in that way and we maybe understand how to teach each other better since we’re similar in that way.

I was really happy with the progress I felt I’d made. I think I’m really learning and it makes me really happy since I’m so motivated to actually learn Dutch and then speak it. This course really is one of the most rewarding that I’ve taken since I feel like I’m learning so much each single time I’m having a meeting for it and it’s like an instant reward in itself.



Helsinki on 10.9.16

Patricia and I went to Helsinki for the day. Mainly because Patty wanted to do some shopping but also because she really wants to see a lot of places while she’s here in Finland, starting with Helsinki. We’re pretty used to hanging out together now; it was the 4th weekend that she’s here.

During the bus ride to Helsinki, we decided to start on learning languages and Patty wanted to learn animals so we taught each other animals and had a lot of laughs doing it. I joked that now I’d be covered if I went to the zoo in Holland since I knew how to say rhino and elephant and tiger in Dutch (among many other animals).

We didn’t go around learning Dutch and Finnish all day but we did randomly say ”Oh this is how you say this in Dutch/Finnish!” and learned a new random word. And we really had to work on my pronounciation since Dutch has some really difficult sounds for me, even though I’ve studied six different languages.

I had a lot of fun learning and teaching. I did realize that you can only learn as much as you’re motivated and interested to learn. Some words I remembered easy. Some I didn’t. You won’t remember things that don’t interest you. Overall though, teaching Patty was a lot of fun. I think she did a really great job in trying.

After Saturday, I felt like I knew so much Dutch already. Not conversationally, but I could make out some words when Patty talked in Dutch to our other Dutch friends here in Tampere.

Patty and I also bond over our mutual love of taking pictures and being in pictures. I learn about her and her culture and where she comes from and why she loves the things she loves and I find connecting with someone amazing. I think it’s a great start for learning Dutch.

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