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Tenth, the last meeting


We talked in Skype last Sunday. We all was really hurry so it  was best way to meet online. First we talked about greetings and what we had done in the weekend and then we went through family words and body parts. These were different categories what we have studied before.

For example,

täti = la tía
poiaystävä = el novio
veli = el hermano
tytär = la hija
isä = el papaäiti = la mama

nilkka = el tobillo
käsi = el brazo
korva = la oreja

Was strange that this was already our last meeting, time have gone so fast. This was a good and nice experience and a different course. And I met a very nice girls, thank you 🙂


Ninth meeting


We met  last week in Pellas cafe, in terrace. We took some croissants and ice cream. There was so nice weather,  the sun was shining and was warm. We talked about summer words. We went through also different sentences and we did it. It was really hard for us to did sentences for Spanish.

We practised for example

uida = nadar
kalastaa= pescar
aurinkoinen = soleado
aurinko = el sol
kesä = el veranokuuma = caliente
jäätelö = el helado


Eighth meeting


Our sixth meeting was in Skype. We was again really busy, but we wanted to meet, so we thought that Skype is good idea. We first talked about greetings and then we studied. And because was a weekend, we thought that bar words and drink words would be good to study.

We learnt some sentences, for example

Mennään tanssimaan = Vamos a bailar
Voinko tarjota? = Puedo ofrecerte un trago?Käytkö usein täällä? = Vienes seguido a este bar?
Mennään baariin! = Vamos al bar!

..and some words, for example

siideri = sidra
viini = vino
punaviini = vino tinto
valkoviini = vino blanco
olut = cerveza, birra

Nykyaika Galleria, seventh meeting

We met last Friday with girls in Nykyaika Galleria.  This was interesting place meet and visit because I haven’t  been before in that kind of place. Isa told us something of these paintings and this kind of art. We spent time there, looked around, talked and studied.

We studied some adjectives. For example

kaunis = hermoso, -a
komea = guapo, -a
ruma = feo, -a
söpö = lindo, -a
iloinen = feliz
surullinen = triste
pehmeä = suave
hullu = loco
ihana = adorable


Sixth meeting

We all had a busy week so we thought that in this week would be better meet in Skype.  So we skyped yesterday, and it was a nice way to meet too. First we talked about greetings and then we started to study a few words. We didn’t speak so long, because we was a quite hurry. We studied sport words. For example

joukkue = equipo
tuomari = arbitro
ottelu = partido
pallo = bola
kenttä = campo de juego
maalivahti = portero
puolustaja = defensor
hyökkääjä = delantero


Cafe Europa

We met yesterday in cafe Europa, that was our fifth meeting. We took again first some coffees and teas, and then we start to plan what we do and what we want to study today. Jonna suggested that we could play Alias because it was in the cafe. This was good idea. We explained words in English and then we translated them for Spanish and Finnish, so today we studied very different words.

We studied for example,
postimerkki = estampilla
rulla = rollo
kortti = carta
postitoimisto = oficina postál
muki = taza
kirkko = iglesia
tatuoida = tatuar
yöpuku = traje de noche

Time went again so fast with girls 🙂 I wait the next meeting.


Our fourth meeting

We met today at least with my group. We were in Gopal cafe. First we talked about greetings because was a few weeks that we didn’t see. And because Easter is coming, we talked also about that. Isa asked of us what we for example eat in the Easter in Finland and that kind of things. We didn’t have a some much time so then we started to study.

We studied today cafe words, for example

maitokahvi = cafe con leche
musta kahvi = cafe negro
tee = té
sokeri = azúgar
kakku = pastel
valkoviini = vino blanco
punaviini = vino tinto
mansikka = fresa
vadelma = frambuesa

Time went again so fast and today was nice meeting with girls.


Meeting in Pyynikin näkötorni

Our third meeting was a little bit different than previous. We met in Pyynikin näkötorni. This was a nice place to visit, because I have so many times, that I have been there before. Today was a nice weather, sun shining and in outside was snow. We took in munkkikahvila traditional munkki (noughnut) and coffee or chocolate.

Today was the day of teaching finnish. We talked quite much finnish together, because Isa know quite much finnish words. We talked for example about cafe words and music. There was in cafe’s wall different boards, which we discuss something, for example how these could be made..actually Isa and Suvi talked the most, because I can say that I don’t know any art things.

Time goes so fast, also today. Was nice to spend time with these girls. 🙂


Munkki and chocolate                                                                        Pyynikin näkötorni

Cafe Kahvilla

Today was our second meeting. We met in Tammela in cafe Kahvilla. We took some snacks and first we did some small talk.

Then was time to study spanish. We had agreed together that we will listen spanish songs and look lyrics. We translated spanish songs lyrics to english. Then we studied numerals, months and day of the weeks. Isa studied also little bit finnish, we translated finnish songs to english.

We had time together about 1,5 hours.

This was very nice evening too! 🙂

First meeting in Gopal cafe

Our first meeting was in Gopal cafe. We took a cup of tea or coffee and we talked together.  In our group is three Finnish girls and one girl from Costa Rica, so we gonna teach Finnish for her and our partner Isa gonna teach Spanish for us.

First we talked about what we gonna teach in Finnish to Isa. Then we think about our meetings, for example, what we gonna do and where.

Today Isa started also to teach a little bit Spanish for us. We learned some verbs and personal pronouns. 🙂






Some Spanish 🙂