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EOTO De – Kor #6 – Stockholm Trip

We had a special 3-day meeting in a ferry to Stockholm from 2 – 4.10 and as long as we were spending time together, we always taught and learned from each other new things from each language.  Korea and German both have the drinking culture so we learned a lot of new words related to that.

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For ordering a beer  for example, I can use “ein Bier”. Quite similar to English and other languages so we moved on fast. “Prost” is always nice to say, when cheering with a fellow guy at the bar, but also “Zum Wohl” could be used.

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Rossi’s piglet

I learned a lot of drinking conversations in Korean and to be honest, I was a bit drunk when we drank together and started talking weirdly in Korean language with some Korean friends. Good practice and shame at the same time!

After learning and drinking a lot, I have to say this trip was reaaaaaally memorable!!

EOTO De – Kor #5

So we have our 5th meeting in Mallashovi on Thursday night 29.9

whatsapp-image-2016-10-01-at-08-15-34We had really interesting time to talk about daily life in both Germany and Korea, such as religion and sports. We learned that there are a lot of Christians in Korea and the difference between the two main branches of Christianity in Germany and in Greece of Egi.

After talking a lot about the cultures, we decided to go together to Rauhaniemi and try to catch beautiful Aurora and we are pretty lucky:


We had a pep talk to motivate each other in the future career we chose and hope one day we can meet each other once again under the beautiful aurora 🙂

EOTO De – Kor #3+4

So, we went through 3rd and 4th meetings pretty well and I would talk briefly about them here.


Rare picture of my team studying seriously

  • German 

Because I’m coming to Germany soon so Rossi taught me some basic German words, like danke (thanks), bitte (please), entchuldigung (sorry), mein name ist… (my name is…) and some questions such as wie alt bist du? (how old are you?), wie viel…? (how much…?), wo ist…? (where is…?). I’m always terrible at direction, so the survival words I wanna learn in every language are left (links) and right (rechts), which could be really useful for my trip.

Some German words being very closed to English ones made me feel like “Okay, I’m done. I can move to Germany”. But after that, while trying to practice with my friend, I realized still long way left actually…

  • Korean

I have been using 하고 있다 to express present progressive tense in Korean but now I have got another one to use: 하는 중이다 (in the middle of doing). Well, I got excited and use it for daily talk with my friends.

                                          kakaotalk_20160929_195903206    kakaotalk_20160929_195903523

*I was saying “I’m studying”


*And this one is about “I’m eating”

Don’t know why but Koreans seem like asking “What are you doing?” all over time, or at least my friends do, always. Good to know this grammar!!

EOTO De – Kor 101

Since I forgot to post last time so here are two meetings we have already had combining in one. Well, briefly , my team by fortune were formed together for German and Korean learning with me as mere learner so here is what I have learned so far.


FYI, those buddies from 3DCrush Coffee


Before we started, all I had known about Germany are its history of Nazis, Bundesliga and Oktoberfest so I felt so thankful when Rossi had a short “presentation” about his country at the 1st meeting, which helped my poor knowledge a lot!

Frankly speaking, I didn’t intend to learn German at first due to its FREAKING hard grammar and pronunciation. There we went to 2nd meeting about German personal pronouns (Ich, Du, Er/Sie/Es, Wir, Ihr, Sie) and Dang!  I kept showing stupid face for a while when it comes to gender (Der/Die/Das) in German. Because our teacher is so dedicated, I’m sure I will get on well with them SOON(er or later)…


First came with 한글 intro 101 and second belonged to “presentation” about S. Korea. I have studied a little bit Korean language and business so I don’t have any trouble with them. I’m looking forward to learn more next time.