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Third meeting with Anaëlle

Mine and Anaëlle’s third meeting on 9th of March for EOTO was in the cafe next to McDonald’s called Pyymäen Oma, which is one of my favorite cafes in Tampere. Firstly we talked about our ”skiing” break as  it is called in Finnish. Anaëlle explained me  what she did back home in France in French. Surprisingly I understood most of it, when Ana spoke slowly enough.

The theme of the meeting for me was directions and getting around the city in French. Sentences like Comment aller à la bibliothèque? and words like close=prosche and far=loin. We also tried to make me remember how to say for example by feet=à pied or by car=en voiture. Also Ana reminded me of how to aski if a place is open or closed, ouvert ou fermer. À quelle heure la biblio ferme? I had to ask Anaëlle how to say I’m lost in French, because I’m sure that might happen at some point, so ”je suis perdu”.

With Anaëlle we looked back on our previous meeting, and she tried to remember the pronouns minä, sinä, hän, me, te, he, se. We went through family related words like dad=isä and sister=sisko. We also had an interesting conversation about different ways to call our grandparents. Anaëlle wanted to learn words for friends and different titles depending on one’s gender. Our discussion quickly turned into how we would formally greet an unknown person in our native languages.

Once again we realised that we had already sat at the cafe for hours and decided to continue next time.

Second meeting 22.2. with Anaëlle

For our second meeting with Anaëlle we met at TAMK after our lessons ended for the day on the 22.2. Anaëlle wanted to go through colours in Finnish and we went them through in French too. We found that some of the colour names had similarities, like purple is violetti in Finnish and violet in French.

I taught Anaëlle some word concerning time like week=viikko=semaine. She soon realised that many words in certain categories end in a similar way to each other, like the names of the weekdays. Maanantai, tiistai, torstai…

Ana suggested we could use our surroundings to our advantage, and so we learned name of the things around us in both French and Finnish. For example a chair=tuoli=une chaise.

We discussed some of the differences between pronounciation in Finnish and in French. For me, some of the letter combinations in French are impossible for me to remember to pronounce correctly. But funnily enough, we found that when we pronounce individual letters like A and I, we pronounce them pretty similarly in both of our native languages. So we tried to use them in our own way without having to mix that with the English way of pronouncing.

As we ended the meeting it was time to brace ourselves and go outside into the winter snow storm. Next week would be a study break, and we wouldn’t be in Tampere, so we wished each other a good week off of school and headed our own ways.

First meeting 12.2. with Anaëlle

My first Each One Teach One meeting with Anaëlle was on 12.2. in Wayne’s coffee. We had previously met together to discuss our plan for EOTO, so we knew what we wanted to go through during our first meeting. Anaëlle is teaching me French, and I already have a background of studying it for years. However my skills of producing speech have never been that great, and overall my French was super rusty. It had been almost three years since I last used French at all. I will teach Anaëlle Finnish, and she has no previous knowledge of the Finnish language.

So we decided to see if I could remember some basics like introducing myself in French. Well it didn’t work out that great, but Anaëlle suggested if I could understand if she would speak in French about my life from what she knew of me already. That worked out alright, which was a relief for me. With Anaëlle we went through words like thank you=kiitos and hello=hei/moi. Also we covered senteces like my name is_=minun nimeni on_.

With French we went through some common verbs in their basic forms just to see if I could translate them both from English to French and vice versa. It seemed easy enough, but only without the upcoming conjugations we had decided to go through later during the EOTO course. Anaëlle asked me to tell her the conjugations of verbs to be (être) and to have (avoir). Also she reminded me of some useful sentences like ” Pouvez-vous répéter?”, which means ”Could you repeat?”. We went through some prepositions, which I just couldn’t remember from my earlier studies.

We ended the meeting by talking about some Finnish words for Anaëlle to learn, and decided to continue next time. It seems like we will not follow our plan 100%, but at least we are going our own pace and focusing on how we want to learn.