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Last meeting!

I had forgot to publish my last post about our last meeting! Here it goes:

Our team had the final meeting in the form of dinner. I made vegan good, bulgur, vegetable meatballs and peas. This wasn’t a fancy dinner, because I just used the things I had left in my fridge and cupboard.. I moved the next day after our meeting, so it was great to share a dinner with them. And I had to say that actually this food turned out pretty good! It was 4:30pm and me and Goodwill were already starving! And instead of us, Sophie wasn’t hungry at all because french people tend to eat much later.

During this final meeting we didn’t really concentrate on teaching/learning process so much. We took a look what we had done together. Getting to know each other during this spring. It has been a great great time together! I have learned new french words and maintained my english. But even more have I learned from Sophies ja Goodwills life in different cultures. This course has been an amazing opportunity to get to know these two countries in Finland! In addition to developing my language skills, i got to know these to beautiful persons. Such a nice people with a great mindsets. I really hope to meet these guys again!

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EOTO Spring party

We had our 9th meeting today! I can’t believe how fast time flies… Next week is my last one in Tampere in this spring. For the summer I’m moving back to my hometown, so we have our last meeting next thursday! I’m feeling a bit wistful already! I have had so much great time with these guys.. Yesterdays meeting was this EOTO spring party which was great! This was my first time to meet more exchange students also. Sophie and Goodwill have been the only ones I have got to know. This spring party’s theme was “finnish olympics”, but we didn’t do any traditional sports! We tried something much more funny. I think many of those games are way too hard to explain, but at least I can say that we had much fun. We also played Mölkky, which is traditional finnish cottage game. I really like that one, and actually it reminded Sophie from this common French game; petanque. During this spring party we also had a very nice picnic near TAMKO’s office, solu. There was this little cottage-village near that area, that led us to talk about finnish “cottage-cultur”. I feel like almost every second family owns their own cottage in the countryside. Sophie and Goodwill told me that it’s not so common in U.K and neither in French. The other difference we found out, was the finnish way to dip chips in sour cream. Sophie and Goodwill said that it’s not common in their countries to dip chips in anything.. Hahah. 😃 There is few words I did learn to say in french, and I taught those in finnish.

Garden = Puutarha

Cottage = Mökki

Balloon = Kuumailmapallo (We saw one!)


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Walking outdoor routes in Kauppi

Today was my 8th meeting, and I had it with Sophie. 18253991_10211265798458744_180081408_nGoodwill couldn’t make it, so we met just the two of us. Last week we tried to plan a meeting in the forest, but we went to a museum instead and had really great time all together exploring interesting exhibitions! Then I realized that we haven’t had any meeting outdoors, and this was actually the first one. We have tried to go walking a few times before also, but the weather hasn’t been favorable for us. Today it was a perfect! There was only a little wind, and sun was shining all the time during our meeting! The outdoor routes of Kauppi are amazing. I go there every week for a run, because I enjoy spending time in nature so much. Sophie had been there also before, but it was really nice to introduce finnish nature and these great routes even better. Considering this was the first outdoor meeting, this was also the first sporty one. I enjoyed really much walking during talking. We discussed mostly about our studies and our upcoming plans. I also learned a few new french words, (even if I don’t quite remember those just by myself..)

Metsä = Forest = Forêt

Meri = Sea = Mer

Käpy = cone = pomme de pin (This was the one that neither of us didn’t remember in english! And I think I haven’t really even heard about the ‘cone’… The french version sounds so cute! ‘pomme de pin’)

Kuusi = Spruce = Sapin

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Spring is awesome! Every year it’s wanderful to follow when nature comes to a life. I can’t believe it’s May already! We also talked about this fest called ‘vappu’. Altought I have always thought that vappu is finnish fest, it’s common holyday in many Western countries. Sophie said it was a great experience to spend these days in Tampere. People were using their white graduation hats and wandering around outside. I have never actually spent vappu in a city, so I think so that she has more experience of this celebration!

Museum Center Vapriikki

Our last visit was18279936_10211262415534173_2065586189_n in museum Vapriikki. We were there all together, and actually my boyfriend also joined with us. Museum center Vapriikki was a great experience! All their exhibitions are accessible with only a single ticket. Vapriikki is located on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids.

At first we visited The Forbidden City, which is from China. Actually Sophie have really been in a real Forbidden city in China! It was very interesting to hear more about that from her. Then we visited in Postal Museum: Messengers, and there were also Treasures from Queen Elizabeth II’s stamp collection. One of the interesting exhibitions were Pajari’s men -Soldiers from Northern Häme in the Winter and Continuation Wars. It was really nice to have Mikko (my boyfriend) with us, because I felt like I also learned so much from about finnish was history too.


This year is Finland’s 100s birthday, so I think that this was really nice to remember the war that led us to be great independent country. Maybe the most popular exhibition was The Finnish Museum of Games. We got to know finnish games more, and even tried some of those. Goodwill got really excited about the old Nokia phone hahah!


There were also The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame’s 18254544_10211262416694202_846823244_nminiature exhibitions, The Doll Museum Jubilee Exhibion and The Natural History Museum. At least those are the ones that we had time to experience. We spent there almost three hours and time just flew! We had so much fun together, and I can warmly recommend this Museum center Vapriikki. It offers things to see and do for every ages.18253933_10211262424214390_1044473297_n

I noticed that my english has got even better and better! I spent last week from monday to friday in Russia, and when we met on saturday it was even easier to continue communicating in english. During this course I have really got into a international working and studying.


Business talk

I had my sixth meeting this week. I met Sophie just in passing at canteen. We had planned to meet with all the three of us, but Sophie didn’t have enough time for it, unfortunately. So I met just Goodwill, and we had really good time together. I realized, that even though this was sixth meeting (actually fifth for Goodwill) this was the first time when I really felt like I got to know him! We just figured out that our studies are almost the same. Difference between our courses are, that his business studies are international and mine are not. So this meeting consisted about business talk! We compared our subjects and found much in common. He used a term modules, which was new to me. It’s a synonym for a subject.

His subjects vs. my subjects

Law for business people = juridiikka

Accounting = kirjanpito

Service Marketing = Markkinointi (just marketing)

Cross Cultural Management = Kansainvälistyminen (=Getting international)

Sales and Negotiation Skills = myyntineuvottelut

Economy = kansantalous

Those are not direct translations! We just compared some of each others subjects. And I must say that actually, this Each One Teach One is one of my favourites! 😉 It’s been great to get to know these two exchange students even better. And it’s good to know if I ever need a business partner from Britain, I already have met a one very smart and funny individual! Thank you for a great meeting Goodwill!

Stockmann-tour, Hullut päivät!

We had our had our fifth meeting yesterday 7th of April. We had planned a walk in Pyynikki park, but the weather turned out pretty bad… It was raining so much, that the idea of being outside wasn’t so nice!17841630_10211033386848599_1705423438_n

It was a bit difficult to settle a suitable place for us to meet. We had talked about meeting in Keskustori, but turned out that Goodwill wasn’t sure were it was. He did’t have internet connection in his phone, so we couldn’t chat on whatsapp/messenger, like we usually do. I met Sophie in Keskustori, and we took a bus to Stockmann, where were Goodwill! (Thank God there’s wifi at Stockmann) There was this finnish sales days “Hullut päivät”, which means crazy days. They hadn’t hear about that, and we got a funny idea that maybe we could have our meeting in there! We were touring a shopping center, having fun and talking. There were many finnish brands and figures that they hadn’t heard of. One of those were Moomins! We also talked about souveniers and checked different items and opinions of them. There was this old school water boiler = a kettler (This word was a new to me!) And Sophie told us that they don’t usually use those in France, -they boil the water in the pot. Actually I do the same.

We had much fun at the toy department. We played with different toy-animals and learned to translate those.

My outfit matched together with Hullut Päivät. 😀

English = french = finnish

Rabbit = lapin = jänis

Fox = renard = kettu

Giraffe = girafe = kirahvi

Pig = cochon = porsas

Sheep = mouton = lammas

We had a pretty unique meeting yesterday! Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all. But in this case, we actually made a plan, it just changed because Mother Earth changed hers. 😀

Meeting in a library planning upcoming trip to French!

We had our 4th meeting in library last week. Unfortunately Goodwill had to cancel, but I met Sophie and we had really great time together. Sophie is going to have her finnish test a few weeks from now, and we were practising for that. I found it suprisingly hard to explain the differences of different declines. Sophie is constantly getting better at speaking the finnish language! She introduced herself in finnish coherently.  “Minä olen Sophie. Olen kotoisin Nizzasta, Ranskasta. Minä pidän tanssista. Minä pidän matkustamisesta.” It’s great to be able to help her maintain her finnish skills.

(Nizza, Nice)

We also talked about Nice, where Sophie is from. I had plans for a exchange in French, but un fortunately it’s not going to happen. Because of this, i’m very excited of planning a trip for this beautiful country! Sophie helped me to compare a different hotels, and the locations. Actually, when I got back to home, I booked flights to French!! I’m going to make this 5 days trip with my boyfriend at the end of May. I’m very excited! I’m looking forwards of getting advices and tips from Sophie of different sights and places to visit. And hopefully we will meet her in her hometown! During this module, my interest towards French has increased remarkably. This upcoming trip is a visible proof of the great effects of this module, and how it encouraged me to deepen my knowledge of Sophies homecountry, French. This is going to be my first visit to French, and it’s great to get some recommendations from the local. I can’t hide my enthusiasm, and why should I. 😉

Meeting in school cafeteria

It’s been almost a month from our first meeting. We found out that it’s pretty hard to find a suitable meeting time for three people. We all have our own schedules and goings. Sophie were visiting Lapland on her Holiday, and I were in my hometown, so it was impossible for us to have a Shrovetide-meeting. I had planned to cook finnish traditional foods like a peasoap and pancake. Even thought we did’nt have a finnish cooking night, this happened in some other way yesterday! We had our meeting in school cafeteria, and there was this traditional thursday lunch: peasoap and pancake! It was a first time Sophie tasted it and me and Goodwill had actually different food. I did teach them a couple new finnish words, and i tried to pronounce hernekeitto in french. (It was suprisingly hard!)

Pannukakku = pancake = crêpe

Hernekeitto = pea soap = soupe aux pois

We discussed that even thought pannukakku is crêpe in french, it is not the same thing! The ingredients are the same, but the way of making it is different. Finnish version of crêpe is lätty, but pannukakku is made in the owen. I hope will we have the finnish food night in the near future! During this meeting, couple of Goodwill’s french friends joined us, and it was really nice. It would be really useful to learn some new french words!!

It was really nice to catch up with our little group! I’m looking forward to our next meeting and learning new things. I hope we will find a suitable meeting time for all of us pretty soon! 🙂



French food night!

Last saturday evening we had our first meeting in TOAS city, where Sophie lives. I only live one kilometer from where, so it was nice to walk my way there. Goodwill came by the buss, and we started our French cooking night. We made pissaladiere, tartiflette and crepes! It was nice to cook together and get to now French culture better.

Sophie lives in flat, so we met also many other exchange students. They were all like one big family! Sophies French friend Antonio cooked with us, and he was also really pleased to introduce their culture. We listened some French music (Stromae) and enjoyed our dinner French way. Me and Goodwill were especially hungry, because typically we both eat our dinner around 4-5pm. For French way, we ate around 8pm.

(Sophie, Goodwill, me and Sophie’s friend Antoni)

During the dinner, we talked about traditional dishes and dining times in each country. For example, we compared our typical breakfasts. For british people, it’s typical to eat bacon and eggs, and for French it might be milk & cereals or toast with a jam or honey. As a finnish girl I prefer porridge or cup of yogurt topped with blueberrys.

We spent 3,5h together, and the whole night went very fast. At least I personally enjoyed our time together very much! I didn’t learn any new words yet, but the most important thing was to start really using my English again. It’s surprisingly challenging to communicate in English with people from different countries. When speaking English with my finnish friends it’s much easier when we can bypass hard words and use also finnish. That’s why this way of learning is extremely effective.

Shrovetide is on the ski holiday week (9), and I already thought that maybe our next meeting could be based on that. We could cook finnish traditional foods like pea soap and pandcake. I have never made pea soap from the beginning (just canned) so it would be nice experience for me too.

Our group’s first meeting in campus cafe

It’s already been about two weeks from our first meeting! It was very nice to meet my group. In our group there is three persons, Me (Finnish), Sophie (French) and Goodwill (English). That’s a great mix of different cultures! I think we are going to have great time together teaching and learning.

This first meeting was about getting to know each other, and learning some new things about each other. We met after our school lessons in campus café, which is near y-kampus.

This course is amazing way to improve my English. I also consider an exchange year in French, so it would be great to learn some basics of French! Goodwill speaks many languages which are spoken in South Africa, where he was born. This is great possibility to learn something about these bit rare languages. 

We  also got ideas for our next meetings:

-French food

Shrovetide / Finnish food

-English tea

-Ice skating / sking

-Sauna and swimming (in the hole in the ice)


-French movie night in Niagara

-Visit in Sara Hilden’s museo


-Some cultural activity



I can’t wait our meetings!