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Final meeting/closing report FIN/JAP

For our final meeting, Toni invited me his place and prepared beautiful Indian curry.
He even had some bottles of Japanese beers, I did not know that I could find Japanese beer in Finnish supermarket.

Then we watched Finnish film called “Mies vailla menneisyyttä”.
Until Toni mentioned him I hadn’t heard his name but now I know that Aki Kaurismäki, the director of the film is very popular among film lovers in Japan.
I really liked the film, its story, the actors and all. I found some similarities with Japanese classic movies and I like it. For instance there’s no too dramatic scene happening, mostly it’s quiet and less talk which is good for learning language.
I definitely will watch another films made by him.

It was such a great final meeting.
Through E1T1, I learned a lot, not only finnish language but the culture.

And I really am happy that Toni will be doing internship in Japan this summer.
I hope he will have good experience there and enjoy the life in Japan, and more than anything, what I told him during E1T1 will help him somehow.

This is my closing report!

Thank you very much for your helpful teaching Toni!


9th meeting Fin/Jap

Me and Toni had a meeting at library on 20 Feb..

Firstly we checked our essay. There were only two minor mistakes in what Toni wrote in Japanese, while mine was full of errors.

But this worked really well I think, it makes me feel I am actually learning. A lot of questions came up in my mind while I was writing it, and I noted all of them to ask Toni. It was constructive way to learn.

Then we had Q&A time for each other.
Toni told me the meaning of some words I came across in my Finnish class and  didn’t understand. Also there and here in Finnish, because I’m still confused when about when to use täällä and when to use tässä.

Next meeting will be our last one.
We’ll meet at somewhere else than library as finale.


FIN/JAP 8th meeting 20.1.2017

For Toni’s Japanese study, we talked about comparing things, which was the topic for his Japanese class at UTA.

This topic was too difficult for me to learn in Finnish, so I asked something I studied in Finnish class at school such as “ottaa”, “ostaa”.

And also I learned a very useful sentence.
“Voistko puhua hitaanmin?”

We will write a short essay for next meeting.

JAP/FIN 18.11.2016 7th meeting

Toni and me had a meeting at library as always.
I really don’t know what to write about it because it was 2 months ago and it’s very hard now to remember what we talked about.

I’ve been very lazy and I totally forgot about writing the blog to be honest.

As Toni’s blog says, we learned the words related to our hobbies.

I remember that I felt a little bit of difficulty to explain what exactly the word means,
because there’re many nuances the word has and I know its differences because it is my mother tongue.

I’ll try to write the blog soon after we have a meeting from next time.

FIN – JAP 6th meeting

We, Toni and Ada and Ryoko had a meeting at Ada’s place on 10th Nov. Thursday and made Japanese Curry rice!!

Ada and Ryoko are doing E1T1, too. Their level is very advanced, Ada speaks Japanese like real Japanese girl and Ryoko speaks fluent Finnish. What I love is sometimes Ada even uses Osaka direct, which is Ryoko and I use always.

We talked a lot, about school and plans for exchange and all. Curry rice was amazing, Ada’s place was beautiful, it was such a brilliant meeting we had.

Also we ate Natto(納豆), Ryoko loves it and I love it, couldn’t eat much because was so full with curry rice though, then Ada said it was okay, Toni seemed hate it already. But I’m pretty sure if you try it two more times, you’ll find yourself eating it almost everyday.

I should have taken more pictures but you can check out how great the curry was on Ada’s post.

It was freezing cold outside at that night, I profoundly felt that I am in Finland!


FIN – JAP 5th

Toni  and  I had a 5th meeting on 07 Nov. Monday.

This time we taught each other how people speak in everyday life. For Japanese, it’s not too different from written language, it’s just really polite. Finnish, on the other hand, is like learning different language.

Now I know when I hear Ma on or  Haluun, that means Mina olen and Haluan. What surprised me was, when people mention about third person singular, they call him/her “it” and it’s not rude!  Then our topic went how often Japanese, specially in my direct, use personification when we talk.

Other than that, I learned useful words such as:


FIN – JAP 4th

Toni and me had a 4th meeting at library on 04 Nov. 2016 Friday.

I had an assignment for my Finnish class, which was to make several sentences using forms we learnt in the class.So asked Toni to help me with that.  It might seem stupid for Finnish natives though, I made sentences like:

Tassa on kaksi isoa taloa.
Han asuu isossa talossa.
Haluatko syoda munkin ja juoda maitoa?
(My laptop doesn’t have keys for a/o with double dots.)

Also we checked what Toni did and would do in the Japanese class he’s taking at UTA. Add to these, we talked about historical things since Toni is taking Asian study course and going to write essay about it.



FIN-JAP 3rd meeting at Thai restaurant that offering Sushi 26 Sep.

For our third meeting, Toni and me went to “Ming Zhu”, Thai ravintola.

They’re offering Thai buffet lunch, including Sushi. I was very suspicious but it’s been a while since I’ve left Japan and started missing Asian foods, so there was no way to refuse it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see Toni’s chopstick skill because he’s not in good condition with his broken arm, but anyway it was fun to watch him eating Sushi with knife and folk. It was very modern.

I really liked Thai foods they’re serving. They also had Salmiakki which I hate after have finished one big bag full of them a couple weeks ago.

We talked about historical and political things. I’m so interested in these topics because Finnish education system or government policy towards foreigners are significantly different from those in Japan. It was hard to understand how they manage it since I’m from such a small island in the far east.

I’m impressed that he remember really well what he learned from last meeting. It motivate me to work on my Finnish study.

We will have fourth meeting next week.

Finnish-Japanese second meeting at library 22 Sep.

We did our second meeting last week and 3rd yesterday, so I’m going to post two blogs today.

We(Toni and me) had the second meeting at the TAMK’s library. We were supposed to go outside and have a picnic but it was not very good weather so we took plan B.

We were quite productive while we’re studying, did grammatical staffs and vocabularies and such. Also we had a nice talk about cultural things.

It was interesting to think about distribution and routes of our languages. Because Finnish language is differ from other languages derived from Latin, I’d been curious about where they came from.   It is good to know about history or background of language that you study. It is one way to approach it.

We agreed to go out to eat lunch for our third meeting, using Supervihko we got from TAMKO office.


1. FIN/JAP meeting at student cafe

We had a first meeting at student cafe in TAMK.

Actually we are in the same class and have almost same time tables so it is easy to set the meetings.

Today I had a Finnish language class in the morning, so I reviewed things from that to brush up what I learned, which is very basic sentences, like “Mina olen” – I am “Mitos mies?” – how’s going. Add to this, Toni taught me some useful phrases at the cafe, because I like having a cup of coffee at the cafe but everytime I go there I tried to have conversation with staffs in Finnish but it always ends up in something awkward.

I learned Otatko maitoa tai sokeria? – with milk or sugar?

Mita muuta? – anything else?

These very practical things. I think it will help me very much in my everyday life.

For Toni’s Japanese study, he brought his study material so it was easy to see how our study goes.  I think I’ll bring mine next time, it was a good idea.

We talked about postpositional particles and some verbs, nouns and so on, also his trip to Japan in last spring. I’m not so sure if my description helped him in his Japanese study, I hope I will learn how to be a good teacher sooner.

One thing we regretted today  was that we didn’t go outside and enjoy sunshine on such a  beautiful day. So we are going to do picnic next week!