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Christmas at Vapriikki

For the last meeting we decided to go to Vapriikki and wrap up this course. They had so many exhibitions including hockey-, stone&crystal-, Hurriganes and their basic exhibition abaut finnish animals and war history. It took us a while to go through all of it but it was fun 🙂 Since christmas is coming we talked abaut christmas traditions-, songs and movies. Couple of Italian comedy christmas movies which are called “cinepanettone” in italian.

natale alle bahamas
Natale a Miami
Natale a Rio

Only finnish christmas movies we could think of was Joulutarina and Joulupukki ja noitarumpu cause most the movies we watch are from USA. What comes to the christmas songs we had a lot of finnish songs which we told Davide but he said that they listen to Michael Buble for the most parts in christmas so we consider this even regarding our christmas movie/song knowledge 😉

Of course we had to talk abaut food for a bit too and in Italy they have this delicious  christmas cake called Panettone, I have tried this myself in Italy and can make sure its worth of trying!  During the course I think we all learned more things from our own and other culture than we even hoped for and I really recommend taking this course.

Grazie e Ciao 😉

MasterChef part 2 ;)

We decided to continue to put our chef skills to the test and made Pizza. The result was very interesting at least but with a little practise I`m sure we all will became masterchefs 😉  As a continuum to our talk abaut the exchange possibilities  last time we talked more abaut school systems in different countries. It turned out that the grading system etc are very different in Italy. Finnish 1-5 system is 18-30 in Italy.  In Italy you can take oral exams too where the teacher can ask you either one or multiple questions and will give you the grade based on your asnwer. In addition we learned words like

School – Scuola

Grade – Grado

Exam – Prova

Teacher – Professore

Pasta alla montanara

For our eight meeting we went to Davide`s place and cooked a pasta dish called Pasta alla montanara. It`s pasta with mushrooms and bacon. It was nice to cook together and put all our mastercheff skills to the table 😉 During the dinner we talked abaut different pasta dishes in different cities in Italy, every town has some special pasta forms and dishes. We also talked abaut mine and Taru`s exchange plans where we wanna do our exchange. We only have  two meetings left and after that eoto is done, time has gone by so fast but we have had a lot of fun learning abaut finnish/italian 🙂

We learned words like

Mushroom: Il Fungo,

Bacon: La Pancetta

Cheese: Il Formaggio

Prepare: Preparare

Dish: Il Piatto

Pasta in the making  🙂


Cultura culinaria

Our last meeting was at the Siipiveikot, a wing-restaurant at Tampere`s centrum. We had a good  time while talking more about finnish/italian cultures. We learned suprising things from both countries. We ofcourse wanted to know more abaut the possible mafia and stuff in Italy 😉 Its nice to see how you can always learn something new from your own culture as well in addiction to the Italian culture. I think eoto meetings are a perfect way to get more inside information from the other country. Maybe next time we go to eat Italian food like classic pizzas or pastas 🙂

Until next time, Ciao!

Back to basics and more ITA/FIN

On our last meeting we went to Cafe Europa again, its a great place to go to study either alone or in a group. We started by talking how our week have gone by and what our weekend plans were. Then we learned some of the basics we didn’t have studied in the beginning and went little crazy and learned some curse words as well, it was very interesting haha 🙂

Things we learned e.g :

How old are you? – Quanti anni hai?

What is your name? – Come ti chiami?

Where are you from? – Da dove vieni?

Until next time 🙂



Quinto incontro Finlandia/Italia

Today was our fifth meeting at Café Europa with Davide and Taru. We had a lot of fun talking about what had happened  last week and did some studying after 😉 Our mission was to learn the numbers, week days and months but the numbers took most of our time. Learning Numbers from 0-100 had surprisingly a lot of work but we had fun while learning them and at the end everyone knew quite a few numbers. After that Davide taught us Italian hand gestures and now we can communicate like proper Italians, right? 🙂

Something that we learned today:

1=uno 2=due 3=tre 4=quattro 5=cinque 6=sei 7=sette 8=otto 9=nove 10=dieci

20=venti 30=trenta 40=quaranta 50=cinquanta 60=sessanta 70=settanta 80=ottanta 90=novanta 100=cento 1000=mille 1000000=milione



Fourth meeting

Our last meeting was at Taru’s place. We had a fun night with some of Taru’s and Davide’s friends. We talked abaut some cultural differences concerning the drinking culture between Italy and Finland. We came to the conclusion that in Finland people tend to drink just because of drinking and in Italy people usually eat some snacks when drinking like with starters before actual main course for example.  We learned words like Salute= Cheers, Vino bianco=white wine, Aperitivo=starter.

It was really nice to spend time together and talk abaut different things 🙂



Our first EOTO meeting with Taru and Davide  was on sunday and it went very well. We went to Särkänniemi to see view from this tiny hill where you could see the lake which was very nice. Afterwards we went to Sara Hilden`s art museum to see Ron Muecks exhibition. The exhibition was abaut ten sculptures, a series of photographs depicting the artist at work. The sculptures were very different and intersting what we have seen before. We learn some basic words and verbs that came up at the museum

Museo dell`arte = art museum

Torre = Tower

Bambino = Baby

Panchina = Bench

Sedersi = Sit

Alzarsi = Stand up

We learned personal pronouns and a couple of verbs suchs as:

Io = I

Tu = You

Lui(m), Lei(f), Egli = He, She

Noi = We

Voi = You

Loro/Essi = They



Mangiare =  Eat

Io mango = I eat

Tu mangi = You eat

Egli mangia = She/He eats

Noi mangiamo = We eat

Voi mangiate = You eat

Essi Mangiamo = They eat

We got to know to each other during the meeting and we went to eat after the museum. I`m looking forward to the next meetings 🙂