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14.12 8th meeting at Cafe

We agreed to see already next day because I had homework from Finnish course in TUT. Here is what I studied. Ada was really helpful for me. We talked in Japanese sometime when I do not understand explanation in Finnish. I learnt a lot of grammar from her.

For example Ihmiset kertovat muuttaneensa lomiaan ympÀristönsuojelun takia.
People say that they have changed their way of spending their vacation to preserve the nature.


13.12 7th meeting in Hervanta

I had exam in TUT and after that we had meeting at my place. I did not have questions to Ada so we talked about usual life in both languages. Here are my new word list.
pakolainen refugee
HĂ€n on avoinmielinen she is open minded
vastaanottokeskus reception centre
maaahanmuuttaja immigrant

Ada’s Japanese exam was over so that she helped my Finnish more than before.

22.11 6th meeting with Ada

I had meeting with Ada at school at the TAMK library.
She was stressed about coming Japanese exam next week. I am pretty sure that she will be fine.

I asked her to correct my Finnish report from my Finnish course assignment. I felt that I really need more Finnish texts because my mistakes are about grammar, especially end of the words. Here is my mistakes and red parts are where Ada corrected.

I am so sad that our meeting is getting over but hopefully we can see even after this course is over.

Ada corrected my report in Finnish
Ada corrected my report in Finnish

5th double EOTO meeting at Ada’s place

After school on 10.11, we gathered at Ada’s place to share some Japanese culture. While we were waiting for other members, Ada and I were playing/studying Japanese learning purposed Nintendo game. Ada remembers Kanji very well although she was so generous.

We spoke sometime  in Finnish as well. We cooked Japanese curry together with Nao. When the food is ready Toni arrived to Ada’s place. We were talking about how Japanese people are interested in Finnish culture and  I gave some tips for visiting Japan.

This was not for learning language but for sharing culture thus it was good for fun I thought. Maybe next time I would like to study Finnish more. Time flies! We have only 5 times left 😼

Num num curry...
Num num curry…
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.

4th meeting on 7.11

I and Ada decided to meet up at the city centre. While we were walking, we spoke Finnish and Japanese and once we sat, used materials for stufying. I helped Ada’s studying with her own Japanese grammar book. After that I asked top help my Finnish course home work which is about what if I win a lottery. Here is what I learnt. Also, the exchange diary’s turn will go to Ada 🙂

Sukulainen= relative
Laiheinen=close people includes family and friends
muun muassa=esimerkiksi=for example
tehdÀ onnelliseksi=to make happy

Meanwhile Ada is studying
Meanwhile studying

Second meeting in early morning with coffee

We agreed to meet up in the morning at fazer café in city centre. It was only for 2 hours but still I learnt loads of things from Ada. Same as last time we measured the time for teaching in each language.
Here is what I learnt.

go for riding a hourse= menee ratsastamaan
halving vaihtoehto=cheapest option
sillÀ hetkellÀ=at that moment
We talked about usual life without using text book so hopefully maybe next time I would use Finnish book for studying. After meeting I made flash cards from new vocabularies.

flash card
flash card

18.9 First meeting with Japanese and Finnish pancake :9

Ada visit my place in Hervanta at 15:30. We enjoyed Okonomiyaki which is Japanese style of pancake and Finnish pancake for dessert. We divide time in 2 at first, we spoke in Finnish in first 20min. We spoke in Japanese in second 20min.

Here is what I learnt
Mihin aikaan bussi tulee?=Milloin bussi tulee?
From what time the bus come?=What time the bus come?
Kauanko olet ollut Suomessa? How long have you been in Finland?
Kauanko olet Suomessa? How long you are in Finland?
Precise tarkka
more precise tarkeampi
most precise tarkin

Etko mennut kouluun? DidnÂŽt you want go to school?
Etko mene Kouluun? DonÂŽt you go to school?

Also we started to exchange diary. I wrote first diary in Japanese and Finnish and Ada will check my Finnish and correct it for me next time(However Ada checked my Finnish already in a diary though) 😉

My Japanese diary
My Japanese diary
My Finnish diary
My Finnish diary