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Last meeting

In our last meeting we met for the last time at TAMK. We started a conversation about things what we like and don’t like about Finland and the Finnish culture. I told them that I think everything is really easy going and relaxed. Also the school system is really organized. After that we mentioned about the holding back attitude of Finns. We agreed on that we got more used to it during our stay, but it will always feel a bit different. That’s because both of our cultures are more open to have conversations. Silence moments are seen as awkward, so that won’t happen usually.

After this topic, we gave Henna some questions to practice her English. She had for example to describe her room and her relationships with friends. It was really good. After that she gave us some questions in Finnish. I noticed that I did better than in the first meetings, so it was nice to see some progress.

At the end of our meeting, we thanked each other for the course and said the best wishes to each other.

9th meeting – Speaking Finnish

In this meeting Hamza and I practiced speaking Finnish. Henna was the observer and helped us formulate the sentences. She was a really good teacher and both of them helped me preparing my Finnish oral exam for the next day. The questions that we practiced were:

  • Mitä syöt ja juot yleensä aamulla?
  • Mitä teet yleensä viikonloppuna?
  • Mitä teit eilen?
  • Mitä teit viime kesänä?
  • Mitä harrastat?
  • Minkälainen perhe sinulla on?
  • Mistä tykkäät?
  • Millainen sää tänään on?

After the practicing, we discussed about the fact that weed is legal in my country (The Netherlands). For me it’s just like how it is, so it was interesting to hear their opinions. I think this discussion reflected the purpose of meeting new cultures in this course.

8th meeting at TAMK

We met this time at TAMK again. First we talked about the amusement park party, where we all went to. And we talked about our weekends, Stockholm and Vappu. It was nice to catch up and this was good, so Henna could practice her English again. However, she speaks quite well English, so Hamza and I didn’t need to help her that much.

After this conversation Henna gave Hamza and me some questions in Finnish. We started by introducing ourselves in Finnish. After that we talked about the weather (sää) and how our family (perhe) is like.

Due to all being in a hurry, we met for an hour this time. We agreed to practice Finnish again the next meeting, because I had an oral exam coming up.

7th meeting in the library

This time we met in front of the library in the city centre. We also wanted to see the church in front of it, but as soon as we walked there we noticed that it was already closed. We went into the library and first explored a little bit. After we went into the international sections and tried to guess the languages without looking at the sign. We found books in Hamza’s and also mine language. That was really funny, because not a lot of countries have books in Dutch. After looking in the book section, we went to the music department. We talked about what kind of music we listen to and if we play music instruments, but we all don’t play anything and prefer to listen to music.

Finally, we went to the little cafeteria in the library and Henna gave Hamza and me some questions in Finnish. For example how to travel somewhere by plane, train or bike. Also we discussed differences in European countries, for example how many kisses you give in each country. In Finland it’s not common to kiss, but in the Netherlands we give three kisses when we meet someone. It was nice to discover these differences.

After that we walked to the busses together and went our own way.

Lunch at an Indian restaurant

The fifth meeting was in a Indian restaurant. We met at 11 in the Indian restaurant, which was located behind Finlayson. The restaurant was full with a lot of Finnish people.

At the buffet Hamza showed Henna and me some traditional food of his home country. Although it was not exactly the same, we had a quick nice look in his cuisine. For example the naan bread and he also recognized the music that they played in the restaurant.

After discussing the similarities and differences of the Indian food Hamza knows, we talked about some words to say in a Finnish restaurant. For example the bill (= lasku). This was quite challeging, because I just had one Finnish lesson about this topic. Although Henna and Hamza helped me a lot, which was really nice to learn of them.

Joining a new group

This meeting was actually an introduction all over again, due to my previous group that happened to split up. Luckely I was able to join another pair quickly.

My first meeting with Henna and Hamza was at TAMK in the y-kampus. We introduced ourselves to each other and discussed about our goals for the course. They were really open and that was a good way to catch up with their process so far. I discovered that Hamza and I were both interested to practice our Finnish. Henna is our Finnish teacher and she develops her English by talking to us.

After introducing, Henna gave Hamza and me some cases to practice our Finnish. We started with a conversation about buying a ticket (=lippu) from the bus driver. After doing it once, we switched roles. We did the same thing with a conversation about finding apples in a supermarket. I learned “on the left” (= vasemmalla) and “on the right” (= oikealla) in Finnish.