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Traditional Panellets

This time we decided to make some pastry. We decided to make panellets because it is a custom that our Spanish groupmates have in their country. Apparently, this is celebrated near the day of the dead. The recipe for panellets is very easy, we only needed potatoes, sugar, almonds, eggs, water, coconut and a little cocoa powder. Monica and Georgina told us that they used to do this at school when they were little girls. In the end, we ate the panellets and I can say they were delicious.

Christmas party

This was our last meeting. In this meeting, there were several board games and we were playing for a while. There was also some snacks. We talked a little with other classmates in the same course and telling our experiences. I had a great time at this last meeting and I really liked this course. When talking with others we realized that we learned a lot from other cultures and in the same way we improved our knowledge with the language we were learning.

Dia de muertos

In Mexico the Day of the Dead is taken very seriously and it is a very beautiful festivity and what better way to teach it than watching a famous movie called “coconut”. This animated movie shows a bit of how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico. In this meeting it was a little complicated to see the movie. Finally, I hope you have learned a bit about how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in my country and I hope they have liked it.

Ice Hockey Match

This time we decided to go enjoy an ice hockey match. I had never been to an ice hockey match before and I can say that I loved it, I’m not a fan of watching games but I liked it a lot. All the emotion of all the fans and the background music that they put in each rest was very good. I also realized that they are very aggressive to play this sport, but that made it even more entertaining. We decided to talk about sports.

Ice hockey – jääkiekko – hockey sobre hielo
Soccer – fútbol – jalkapallo
Football – rugby – amerikkalainen jalkapallo
Basketball – baloncesto – koripallo
Swimming – natación – uinti
Tennis – tenis – tennis
Handball – balonmano – käsipallo
Ball – pelota – pallo
Stick – palo – tikku
Tracksuit – chándal – urheiluvaatteet
Sneakers – bambas – “lenkkarit” = lenkkikengät
Swimsuit – bañador – “uikkarit” = uima-asu

Black Friday

This time we went shopping. We decided to go to Ratina because it was Black Friday and there were a lot of sales in all the stores. We decided to talk about clothing. It seemed like a good way to practice and learn new vocabulary because while we were looking at the clothes we were mentioning their translation both in Spanish and finnish. It was also a little confusing because although my colleagues speak Spanish, the Spanish that I speak is different, and certain clothes I call them differently but finally it´s good to learn the variations between each language even though it is the same. However, for me it was not easy to memorize the new vocabulary but with the practice I will be able to improve and memorize what I have learned.

These are a few words we learned:

Shirt – paita – camiseta
Trousers – housut – pantalones
Jeans – farkut – tejanos/vaqueros
Jacket – takki – chaqueta
Dress – mekko – vestido
Skirt – hame – falda
Shoes – kengät – zapatos
Woolen socks – villasukat – calcetines de lana
Socks – sukat – calcetines
Villapaita – woolen shirt – camiseta de lana
Scarf – huivi – bufanda
Gloves – hanskat – guantes
Beanie – pipo – gorro
Hat – hattu – sombrero

Learning phrases

This meeting we decided to meet at TAMK because we decided to learn a little more about phrases, grammar rules, and vocabulary. I think that although Finnish is not an easy language, learning it in this way makes it easier. We made a list with several phrases and words that will help us to present ourselves, ask the cost of a product in a store, be able to say a few numbers, the days of the week and more.

Minun nimeni on: Mi nombre es / Minä olen: Yo soy / 

Kuinka voit, Mitä kuuluu: Cómo estás? , Qué pasa? / Hyvää: Bien

Paljonko se maksaa? / Cuánto cuesta? 

Mitä opiskelet? / Qué estudias?

Kuinka vanha olet? / Cuántos años tienes?

minä : yo  / sinä: tú  / hän: el ella. / me:nosotros  / te : vosotros/ he:ellos/ellas

lunes    maanantai /martes  tiistai / miércoles    keskiviikko/. jueves  torstai/Viernes perjantai / sábado lauantai.  / domingo        sunnuntai

yksi      uno / kaksi     dos / kolme   tres / neljä     cuatro / viisi      cinco / kuusi    seis  / seitsemän         siete / kahdeksan        ocho / yhdeksän          nueve / kymmenen       diez


Eläimet “Bunny café”

Our 7th meeting was at 3D Crush café. This cafe is really cute because there were bunnies in a small room, I had never been in a cafe like this. This time we decided to talk about “animals” so we did a short list with the vocabulary of animals in Finnish.

Eläimet – animals ,Pupu – bunny , Kissa – cat , Koira- dog, Kala- pez , Karhu- bear , Poro – reindeer , Ankka – duck , Kana- chicken , Lehmä- cow , Hevonen – Horse, Lammas – Sheep, Norsu- elephant , Leijona- lion , Kirahvi – giraffe , Sammakko- frog, Apina- monkey .


Vocabulary songs

The next meeting was at TAMK. We were listening to music and also read the lyrics of some songs in Finnish and then some songs in Spanish. We listened to it a couple of times to try to understand something of the song, but still being difficult haha.  We were helping each other with the meaning of the lyrics.

Then we thought that children songs were going to be easier to understand it. so Anni showed us some children songs, and then we did the same but now in Spanish.

It also was quite interesting to listening to the different types of music.



Meeting at the Cafe Poem

This was our first meeting ,  we were talking about culture, traditions of our countries. We had a good time at this first meeting, also we were talking about what are we going to do during the next meetings. We said that maybe we can watch a movie (COCO movie), cooking different dishes, having a picnic on the lake, going to the sauna , going to the supermarket and so on.

Also, we talk about the day of death and how it is celebrated in Mexico.

We had a good time and also good coffee and cakes.


We went to Prisma market. I think this session was awesome because finally I knew what I was buying all this time. Sometimes I tried to buy something and I ended up buying a totally different thing.

We learn some basics words.

Banana: Banaani

Fruit: Hedelmä

Onion: Sipuli

Lettuce: Salaatti

Tomato: Tomaatti

Avocado: Avokado

Meat: Liha

Chicken: Kana

Fish: Kala

Salmon: Lohi

Sausage :Makkara

But even though I learned some words, still being difficult to remember all the new words learned.