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Last meeting

We had a meeting at my place.

I made food for us so this was more of a fun meeting than just edicational.

Me and Melanie also made some words to learn for each.

After that everyone had to introduce themselves either in german or in finnish.

I think everyone did amazing job.  This course really helped with speaking skills.

Melanie and Cindy left back to Germany already which is a shame. I hope they would’ve stayed in Finland for longer.


Kuvahaun tulos haulle kotitekoinen piirakka

Cafe Europa

Yesterday we had very fun meeting at Cafe Europa. We had an idea to play Alias so that me and Antero explained words in finnish. Then Cindy and Melanie tried to understood and guess what we ment. After this we played other way around so that Melanie and Cindy explained words in german and we tried to guess what it was.

Almost every round our team and Cindys and Melanies team knew the right answer. I was suprised to noticed how much I understood german and rememberd different words

Kuvahaun tulos haulle alias boardgame



Prechristmas party

On our sixth meeting we had pre christams party at Cindys place.

We bought finnish chirstmas goodies like glöki, gingerbreadcookies and fazer blueberrychocolate. Cindy olso tried for her first time salmiakki and I was suprised to hear that she liked it. Probably the first person other than finnish who felt that way

We watched moomin episode first in german and after that in finnish. It was nice to noticed that how much I understood from the episode when it was in german language.

During the episode me and Antero noticed that there was some ways to say different things in german that we didn’t knew before. And likewise with Melanie and Cindy, they also noticed some new words and ways to use them.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle moomin christmas

meeting at school 4,5,6

I will do one post about three of our meetings because they were quite similar.

We have met three times at school and we have studied a lot different words and different word endings. This was really good advantage for me because I had my German exam where we had to learn these same things so it helped me a lot. We also used my German schoolbooks to learn words and sentences from it.

Melanie had prepared a paper with verbs ant conjugations for us where we learned the words from English to Finnish and German. I think both languages are not always very logical, and you just have to remember a lot of words and grammatical rules. But it is going to be better with time and patient.

We had fifth meeting at school after fall break and we agreed to think of some useful sentences that we can practice. I am working in a cruise ship and we had quite many german passengers this time so I had to use german as well. That’s why the sentences I chose to for us to practice were a lot based on that. For example ” Can I help you with anything” “welcome back and have a pleasant journey” . I wrote everything on a paper which I am going to take with me for the next time I go to cruiser so I can use it.

Meeting with FIN GER group

Guten Tag !

Our group had a new member Cindy from Germany so she was a plesent suprise for us.

Antero had made really good translation task for us where we learned words in Finnish and German. We also learned how to use articles in German (die, das, der). It seems quite difficult to remember which article goes where and there doesn’t seem to be any logic so it is just something I need to memorise.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen Hanna !

First meeting

Hallo, ich bin Hanna! Was geht?

We met for the first time with my group in Kaffila cafe for a breakfast.

We got to know each other and learned more about cultures in Finland and in Germany and discussed about the differences in our countries.

While having breakfast we studied some food words and different foods.

Everyone in our group is good making conversition so we had some really good discussions and created the teamspirit!