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Spanish-German 4th meeting

Meeting this time was a little bit spontaneous because next week there are holidays, so we will be busy. The weather was not good; therefore, we arranged a meeting at Sam’s house. First of all, Jose, Emilio and Sam played PS4 while Leslie and I thought about what we could learn and made a list of things.

We thought that another important aspect of a language is food. Actually we all love food! So a list of things was made in our WhatsApp group and then we translated it into German and Spanish. What I realized again was that the Spanish from Mexico and from Spain differed in many words. For example in Spain to say peach we use the word melocotón, while in Mexico they use durazno; to say peanut we use cacahuete and in Mexico cacahuate; and a funny difference I found out was that Mexicans use “jitomate” to name a big usual tomato and “tomate” to name smaller one. In Spain no difference is made.

We then read all the words aloud and tried to learn different German pronunciation aspects. We laughed a lot because some words were very tricky for us. We also found the need of start learning the articles to later on being able to decline each word and article depending on its gender and case.

Here is a screenshot of our WhatsApp group with all the words we learnt and another one in which we enjoyed typical nachos with spicy Mexican sauce:

Rodeo Bar!

Our German-Spanish third meeting took place at Tampere’s bar Rodeo. Although it may seem strange, we were really looking forward to meeting each other in this kind of place, where we could enjoy from a different atmosphere. The cheap beer and free entrance till 11pm directly led us to that decision!

Before going to dance, we were able to learn different phrases and words connected to night life and clubs, as our meeting consisted of that. We taught to each other how to order some drinks, to ask where the toilet is, how you can start a little conversation with a person and so on.

Overall, this was what we learnt:

Beer – Bier
Wine – Wein
One beer please – Ein Bier bitte
Small – Klein
Big – Gross
Can I have a big beer please? – Kann ich bitte ein (accusative neutral)  grosses Bier haben?
Toilet – WC (ve-tze)
Where is the toilet? – Wo ist die (feminine nominative) WC?
Number – Nummer
Can I have your number please? – Kann ich bitte deine Nummer (accusative feminine) haben?
Do you speak Spanish? – Sprichst du Spanisch? / Kannst du Spanisch sprechen?

We can also see that the verbs always go at the end of the sentence.

Ah! We also learnt the colors, which I think it is a very important aspect of a language!

  • Red – rot
  • Blue – blau
  • Yellow – gelb
  • Brown – braun
  • Green – grün
  • White – weiss
  • Orange – orange
  • Puple – violett
  • Black – Schwarz

Meeting at Rauhaniemi

Our second Spanish-German meeting took place in Rauhaniemi’s lake, because we wanted to take advantage of the good weather, although it was quite cold! We bought some snack at a supermarket (some muffins and chips) and then went to the lake.

First, we tried to remember what we learned last time: number and basic expressions. Then we started learning and teaching new things. This time, we learned how to introduce ourselves, what we like and what we are afraid of: “Hello, my name is Jon and I am 21 years old. I come from Bilbao, Spain. I like meeting my friends and doing sports. I am afraid of outer space and bees“. So if I try to remember it…”Hallo, mein Name ist Jon und ich bin 21 (einundzwanzig) Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Bilbao, Spanien / Ich lebe in Bilbao, Spanien. Ich mag meinen Freunden treffen und Sport machen. Ich fürchte mich den Weltraum und die Bienen“.

Additionally, we learned to conjugate regular verbs in present tense. For example: leben (to live):

(I) Ich lebe
(You, singular) Du lebst
(He/She/It) Er/Sie/Es lebt
(We) Wir leben
(You, plural) Ihr lebt
(They) Sie leben

I also learned that Swiss people use to pronounce a strong “r”, while people from Germany not.

I loved this meeting, because we had a very nice time, again laughing and learning things from our different cultures.

First Spanish-German group’s meeting

Hey everyone! This is the first post of our German-Spanish meetings, so we look forward it will be a good experience.

Las Monday, 17th September, we met at Fazer Café, located in the city center. I was a bit late, because I had some uni stuff to finish, but as soon as I finished it, I joined my colleagues. While I was away, Sam (the Swiss guy teaching German) started teaching my Mexican colleagues the numbers and some introductory expressions (I was lucky not to miss something I didn’t know yet… ;)).

As for the Spanish teaching, we started with some verbs and the main differences between “ser” and “estar” (Spanish differentiation of the verb to be). We didn’t even know which the main differences were, but we tried to give our best! Additionally, some different expressions in Spanish from Spain and Mexico were taught to Sam, so I think he enjoyed to see how we the Spanish speakers argued and laughed at each other about the different expressions…Quite funny!!

This first meeting was a bit light, as it was the first one in which we started teaching. Moreover, we had to know each other better and we were talking some time before and after learning, which I found very interesting and necessary.

Hope next meetings are as nice as this first one!