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10th Meeting at EOTO Pre-Christmas Party (SPA-GER) Final meeting

This time we decided to hold our last meeting at the EOTO Pre-Christmas Party at TAMKO Solu and was good chance to meet other course participants and get to know them a bit very casually.

I found this party interesting because I could meet people from different countries and get to know something of their culture and way of being, although I could not be at the party so much time but I could spend a nice time talking about interesting topics, one think that i loved was the food of different countries it was delicious and I found interesting the different types of flavors of the food.

To finish I would like to talk about how was my experience in this course. This course for me was fun and interesting because I could meet new friends from different countries and learn many things about the culture of their countries. I decided to choose to study the German language because I had always wanted to learn it, although I did not know anything before beginning the course, at the end I could learn different things that will help me to better understand this language. Something that seemed interesting to me was how to teach my Spanish language because it is something complicated to teach, but at the end as a group we were able to teach the best possible way. Something that I really liked was knowing the culture of two new countries, Spain and Switzerland, because I had no knowledge about those countries, but in the end I was surprised by the way they live in those countries.

Cooking at 9th meeting (SPA-GER)

In this meeting it was very fun because we decided to cook something typical of our country, as you know in this group we are three Mexicans, one Spanish and one Swiss so we had different dishes. my Mexican friends and I decided to cook some famous burritos that consist of rolled tortilla with beans, meat and cheese, we decided to cook this because it is not so complicated to elaborate, because other Mexican dishes are difficult to make and here in Finladia we do not find the ingredients needed to make them, and we also brought nachos with beans that are typical of mexico.

Jon from Spain cooked a Spanish omelet consisting of potatoes fried with eggs and showed us how to cook it was very tasty.

Sam brought us a fondue that is typical of Switzerland, we ate it with platonos, apples and blueberries being a delicious dessert.

while we ate we talked about the preposition and I learned some of them in german as for example:


8th Meeting (SPA-GER)

We decided to had the meeting at the common room of Kaupinojan Sauna, because emilio a member of our group organized a party with exchange students where we had a very fun night meeting people from different countries, knowing their cultures and interests, we had the opportunity to talk with people from Germany and learn something from German in a different way.

in this meeting we decided to talk about the days of the week, months and other usefull thing related with time, as for example:


  • Montag (Monday) Lunes
  • Dienstag (Tuesday) Martes
  • Mittwoch (Wednesday) Miercoles
  • Donnerstag (Thursday) Jueves
  • Freitag (Friday) Viernes
  • Samstag (Saturday) Sabado
  • Sonntag (Sunday) Domingo

And how to say “on Monday” or “on Friday” you use the prepositional phrase am Montag or am Freitag.

  • Januar – January – Enero
  • Februar- February – Febrero
  • März – March – Marzo
  • April – April – Abril
  • Mai – May – Mayo
  • Juni – June – Junio
  • Juli – July – Julio
  • August – August – Agosto
  • September – September – Septiembre
  • Oktober – October – Octubre
  • November – November – Noviembre
  • Dezember – December – Diciembre

Sauna and Lake experience 7th meeting (SPA-GER)

In this meeting we decided to go to the sauna that is in the lake of Rauhanemi. It was cold but we could experience swimming in the cold lake and the sauna, it was interesting to know this tradition of finladia. the first time I went to the lake and it was very crazy, the water was too cold, but thanks to the heat of the sauna the thermal sensation did not feel so much and it was also interesting in the sauna, because this is public and I could see how the people from Finland enjoy doing this. some of the members of the group did not want to get into the lake since the temperature was very low and they did not try it hahaha.
Inside the sauna we met a man of very kind finladia and spoke with us about football and I try to speak Spanish with us, this was something weird and normally Finnish people do not talk much with strangers.

In this meeting we talked about body parts, learning their names in German and we taught them to say them in Spanish:

  • Die Lippe- Labio
  • Der Mund- Boca
  • Die Nase- Nariz
  • Das Ohr- Oreja
  • Das Auge- Ojo
  • Die Augenbraue- Ceja
  • der Ellbogen- Codo
  • die Hand- Mano
  • der Finger- Dedo
  • das Knie- Rodilla
  • der Fuß- Pie
  • der Zeh- Dedo del pie

coffee and donuts at Pyynikki observation tower (SPA-GER)

This was our sixth meeting and we decided to go to Pyynikki observation tower , it is a well known place in Tampere and it is a place where I had never been and it was so nice but , in this meeting we ate some sugar donuts and some coffee or tea. In this meeting we decided to study the verbs, we talked about the verb tenses and what the structures are in the verbs in Spanish and German respectively.
We made a list where we conjugate some verbs and differnts time forms as I will show below:

Present tense in Spanish
YO- Ando
TÚ- Andas
ÉL(LA) -Anda
ELLO/AS- Andan
YO- Como
TÚ- Comes
ÉL(LA)- Come
ELLO/AS -Comen

time forms in german
Present – Präsens
Ich esse
Sie singt
Wir fahren
Past simple – Präteritum
Ich ass
Sie sang
Wir fuhren
Past perfect – Perfekt
Ich habe gegessen
Sie hat gesungen
Wir sind gefahren
Ich hatte gegessen
Sie hatte gesungen
Wir waren gefahren

Although it was raining we could enjoy the meeting.

Dinner at BIANCO PIZZERIA in our fifth meeting(SPANISH-GERMAN)

In our fifth meeting we decided to meet at BIANCO PIZZERIA where everyone decided to eat what they wanted, my companions ate pizzas and I only enjoyed a good coffee, because before arriving at the meeting I had eaten, the restaurant was very comfortable and calm, so we decided to do something different and leave aside the language part and decided to talk about the culture and interesting topics of our countries.

Picture in BIANCO Restaurant where we were freezing  jajajaja

Religion was the topic with which we began the talk where our colleague Sam told us that in Switzerland the Christian religion is the one that is mostly and in turn Jon of Spain told us that in Spain also Christians are more equally than in Mexico.  We came to the conclusion that in the three countries the old people are the most believers, because the young people do not currently identify with the religion.

We also talk about the politics of our countries, commenting on what kind of government is currently in our countries, something that I did not know and caught my attention is the kind of government that exists in Switzerland, because there are seven people who are in power of the country, each of them being of different ideology, while in Spain it is something similar to Mexico, since the left side currently governs, we also talk about current news of our countries and we had a nice dinner.


Food in German and Spanish, Fourth meeting

In this meeting we decided to meet in the department of sam and the theme of this meeting was about food, we started talking about how to say some fruits in German, for me it was a bit complicated because the pronunciation of some fruits is strange and I had to repeat them several times, and in turn we explained to Sam the pronunciation of the fruits in Spanish, and also learned different types of food in both languages, then we talked about the typical food of our countries and it was interesting to know the different dishes of each one.

We had a fun time playing playstation and eating some chips with Mexican sauce and another spicy sauce, it was fun to see how it stung.

Third meeting at Rodeos Bar

Our third meeting was in Rodeos Bar that is the cheapest bar that I’ve known here in Tampere, something that was curious is that the beer cost only 1 euro, for that reason we decided to go there.

As we were in a bar we decided to talk about the nightlife of our countries and what were some differences between them, I also learned several words and sentences in German that are useful when you go to clubs:

English                   German            Spanish

beer                          bier                   cerveza

wine                         wein                   vino

big                             gloss                   grande

ask for a beer – eiu bier bitten-pedir una cerveza

wo ist das WC?-wo ist das WC?-¿donde esta el baño?

what is your name?-wie ist dein Name?-¿cual es tu nombre?

Ans also we decided to learn the color in our language and for me was a little bit difficult beacuse I’ve never learned germand and the pronunciation is difficult, but I tried jajaja.

Red – rot – rojo
Blue – blau – azul
Yellow – gelb – amarillo
Brown – braun – cafe
Green – grün – verde
White – weiss – blanco
Orange – orange – naranja
Puple – violett – morado
Black – schwarz – negro

After that we went to dance and we had a fun night.

Second meeting german-spanish in Rauhaniemi lake

Our second meeting was at the Rauhaniemi Lake, we decided to choose that place because is really nice and has a beautiful view.  We bought some snack like dounuts, moffins  and some chips. In this season we decided to talk about how introduce  ourselves.

One thing that I found interesting was how the words are pronounced in German, i haven’t learned german before but I tried to introuced myslef in german and it was a lit bit difficult, but my teacher (Sam) explained me how to pronounce the word in the correct form and how I should write.

Somenthing that I learned was how say “Ich bin Jose Pablo Lamas Velasco und ich bin 21 Jahre alt, Ich wurde in Mexiko geboren” that in english means ” i’m jose pablo llmas velasco and i have 21 years old, I was born in Mexico”. we teach sam how is the right way to introduced himself, first I gave some examples and then he tried to say that and we did it well.

All the meeting I’m tryinig to learn the basic things in german and some specific word and I’m trying to teach spanish in the correct way explaining to him the meaning and pronunciation of words in which he is interested.

(Spanish-German) Firts Meeting in Fazer Café Hämeenkatu

Our first meeting was in Fazer cafe. We wanted to meet a typical coffee of finland. we started to talk about our countries, in this group we are three mexicans, one spanish and swiss guys and we talked about our traditions and one thing that was intersting that i learned was the numbers in german:


We tasted Chocolates Liquorice that it´s typical of finland and de taste is good but a lit bit weird beacuse i am not used to eat this type of candys