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Today we have decided to meet at TAMK, as both of us we had today an exam we though that this place will be the best to meet.

We meet at 13:30 to take the lunch and after that we start teaching and learning new vocabulary.

Firstly, I taught Jeong the Spanish alphabet and I realised that is really difficult for people to learn how to pronounce the double “rr” which is a very typical letter in Spain. Nonetheless, after rehearsing it some many times finally he achieved to  pronounce it correctly, so it was amazing!!!

After this, we started speaking about football, I explained to him which was my favorite team in Spain (Athletic Club) and that only Basque players could play in this football team.

Then, I took the role of student and I started learning Korean alphabet. As I told in the last post, it is really difficult as all the letters look similar but I really find interesting this language.

In addition to this, we spoke about different kinds of themes such us our future master, our next trips in Finland and so on. We have planned to do a trip together in the next weeks so in this way we could learn more easily new things about each of us cultures, languages and so on.

Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea

First meeting Korean-Spanish


Last friday,  Jeong  (engineer student from Korea) and I, we meet for the first time in Pella’s bar. We stayed for about two hours and a half together.

First of all, I played the role of a Spanish teacher and I taught him some basic words in Spanish. Furthermore, I also told him some special things about the place where I live in Spain (the Basque Country).  After an hour and a half I was the student. I learn some basics words in Korean.

안녕(annyeong) -> Hello, Hi

고마워(gomawo) -> Thank you

미안해(mianhae) -> Sorry

1: 일(il), 2: 이(i), 3: 삼(sam), 4: 사(sa), 5: 오(o), 6: 육(yuk), 7: 칠(chil), 8: 팔(pal), 9: 구(gu), 10: 십(sip)

I can firmly say that it’s a very difficult language to learn!!! Nevertheless,  I strongly believe that it’s a beautiful language as it’s totally different from mine and this turns out to be a big challenge for me. But I love challenges!!! In addition to this, he told me some particularities about his country that I didn’t know and that resulted to be really interesting for me.

To sum up, I would like to finish by saying that in those two hours and a half I felt really satisfaced as it is always worth to met people from different countries and learning new things about their culture, language and so on. For this reason I’m looking forward to meet Jeong again and to learn more things about his language and culture!!

Hope to see you in the next post!!

Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea