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Last meeting Korean-Spanish


This last meeting was a little bit sad as we knew that it would be our last meeting.

We meet in TAMK as both of us had some things to do for the University. We continued having simple discussions and we learned also new vocabulary.

Jeong, taught also how to write some words in Korean as for me this is the most difficult part of learning this language (the writing aspect).

After learning a little bit we went to the lake of Hervanta as farewell because the lake was freeze and we stay there for about 1 hour.

I can firmly say that I enjoyed a lot with this course as you can both have fun and study in the same time. Furthermore, I know that I will have always a friend in Korea and that we will speak by Skype, telephone or so on.

Thank you very much!


Study day


We meet again in one of the Tampere’s bar to continue with our each one teach one studies.

Jeong, continued teaching me numbers in Korean and finally we reach to the number 100.000.000. It was really funny as Jeong was all the time writing me different numbers and I had to write them how the number name is in Korean.

After this, we started to have a basic conversation with the words that both of us learned in all the meeting. It was really nice as I spoke in Korean and Jeong in Spanish, but we managed to have a simple conversation.

It was a really nice and productive afternoon!



Korean culinary day


This time we met in the house of Jeong to have Korean lunch. He cooked very typical food from Korea and then we it eat. I really enjoyed this meeting as is the first time I eat Korean food. The food was a little bit spicy but it was really delicious.

I also learnt how to eat with the Korean sticks. It was a little bit complicated to eat this type of food with this cutlery but it was really funny!

After eating this, Jeong showed me some photos of other type of food of Korea.

In addition to this, Jeong gave me a present from his country. He gave me a typical lucky key chain from Korea. I did not expected that. It was a really nice detail from him.

We spoke about our country culinary culture  and we decided that in the next meeting we will eat Spanish food.






Summer day


For our seventh meeting we went to the bar on  the top of Torni hotel. It was a really nice place and we really enjoyed the landscape.

While we were having a coffee we learnt about the spanish and Korean numbers from 1 to 100. This time, and for the first time I found more easy to learn Korean numbers that teaching Spanish numbers.

1-Il 2-Ny 3-sam 4-Sa 5-O 6-Yu 7-Child 8-Pal 9-Qu 10-Ship 11-Ship il 12-Ship Ny 13-Ship sam 14-Ship sa 15-Ship O 16-Ship yu 17-Ship child 18-pal 19-Ship qu 20-Eship…

i find it really easy as all the numbers are the same you only have to add something new. Nonetheless, Spanish numbers are quite different.

After having a coffee we went to the lake because the weather was really nice and we continue teaching and learning different words.

It was really nice day!




Innoevent Day


Last week we had the famous Innoevent week. Jeong was doing volunteering there and I was in one of the team projects.

We meet one hour and a half in the break time that we had from 12.00 to 13.30. In this dayI was teaching all the hour and a half new things about Spanish language and culture to Jeong.

I show different photos from my country (Basque country) to Jeong, I told him that is similar to Finland as is full of forest and there are lots of green places, furthermore, it also rains a lot. The only different is the temperature as in my country in winter normally we have much more hotter temperatures than in Finland around 14-7  degrees normally. I told him that my country is very famous because of the cooking gastronomy . We could say that we have really delicious meals.

After this I taught him some new words as always such as;

Welcome to the Innoevent- Bienvenido al Innoevent.

I am here doing voluntary service- Estoy haciendo servicio de voluntariado.

When are we going to met again?- Cuándo vamos a quedar otra vez?

It is full of people- Está lleno de gente.

Which is your team? Cual es tu equipo?

I enjoyed a lot- Me lo he pasado muy bien.



Nice Dinner


Last week we met again to learn new things about Korea and Spain in BIANCO restaurant. I learnt how to say some new words such as I enjoy this food, let’s has a meal, its delicious, I am full and so on. After this I teach Jeong also how to say this phrases  in Spanish. I feel that he is learning really quickly this language, he always remember all the words we learn in the last class and furthermore, he pronounce really good all the words.

I really feel happy as I am learning many new phrases and words in Korean language.

When we finished our dinner Jeong started to teach me how to write the new phrases which I learnt. Is really difficult to write in Korean but I love it. Day after day I think that I am really improving in the writing skill so I feel really satisfied.






Culture Day In Pyynikki Tower


Today we have  met Jeong and me again. Our meeting has been in Pyynikki Tower. Despite the bad weather we have had really fun as we have learnt a lot about each of us culture.

Today we have not learnt vocabulary or new phrases we have been speaking about our culture. First, we have spoken about surnames. We have had a very long discussion about this as in Spain when you born you take 2 surnames, your mum’s surname and your dad’s surname and you can put first your mum’s surname if you want. Nevertheless, in Korea and in other places in the world you take only your dad’s surname and your mother will also take her husband surname when she marries. Nonetheless, in Spain is not like this, when you marry you continue having your own surname, both the girl and the boy.  For Jeong this matter is very strange as he did not know about this but  he became very interesting in this subject and for this reason, he was  asking  me a lot of questions. He told me that is really interesting and nice the system that we use.

After this conversation, Jeong told me a particular thing about Korea. He told me that when you born, you are 1 year old as in Korea they take into account the months when you are in your mother’s gut. So he told me that in Korea I would not be 21 years old, I would be 22 years old, one year older. I got amazed when he told me this.


He also told me that they start the school when they are 7- 8 years old and for me this sounded  very strange as normally we start the school when we are 2 years old.

After this 2 long conversations we had also more conversations about different matters of our countries. I really feel that today both Jeong and me we have learnt a lot of new things about Korean and Spanish culture.


Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea

Mallashovi bar


On Tuesday, Jeong and me we met in Mallashovi bar. First, we played table football and then we take some drinks and we started learning and teaching new vocabulary.

I learned how to write some new basics words in Korea,  I feel really good as now I  do not see Korean as difficult as i saw it before, but still is not an easy language to learn.

After this, I taught Jeong new phrases in Spanish and I really feel that to teach and learn Spanish is much more easy than  Korean as for Jeong is really easy to speak Spanish, he can pronounce all the words perfect in this language. Nevertheless, with Korean language is the opposite.

Finally, we went to have dinner to a restaurant and we spoke about some things of each of us cultures.


I really have fun that day and I feel really satisfied as I learnt many new words in Korean.


Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea


Today we have decided to meet at TAMK, as both of us we had today an exam we though that this place will be the best to meet.

We meet at 13:30 to take the lunch and after that we start teaching and learning new vocabulary.


Firstly, I taught Jeong the Spanish alphabet and I realised that is really difficult for people to learn how to pronounce the double “rr” which is a very typical letter in Spain. Nonetheless, after rehearsing it some many times finally he achieved to  pronounce it correctly, so it was amazing!!!

After this, we started speaking about football, I explained to him which was my favorite team in Spain (Athletic Club) and that only Basque players could play in this football team.

Then, I took the role of student and I started learning Korean alphabet. As I told in the last post, it is really difficult as all the letters look similar but I really find interesting this language.

In addition to this, we spoke about different kinds of themes such us our future master, our next trips in Finland and so on. We have planned to do a trip together in the next weeks so in this way we could learn more easily new things about each of us cultures, languages and so on.

Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea


First meeting Korean-Spanish


Last friday,  Jeong  (engineer student from Korea) and I, we meet for the first time in Pella’s bar. We stayed for about two hours and a half together.

First of all, I played the role of a Spanish teacher and I taught him some basic words in Spanish. Furthermore, I also told him some special things about the place where I live in Spain (the Basque Country).  After an hour and a half I was the student. I learn some basics words in Korean.

안녕(annyeong) -> Hello, Hi

고마워(gomawo) -> Thank you

미안해(mianhae) -> Sorry

1: 일(il), 2: 이(i), 3: 삼(sam), 4: 사(sa), 5: 오(o), 6: 육(yuk), 7: 칠(chil), 8: 팔(pal), 9: 구(gu), 10: 십(sip)

I can firmly say that it’s a very difficult language to learn!!! Nevertheless,  I strongly believe that it’s a beautiful language as it’s totally different from mine and this turns out to be a big challenge for me. But I love challenges!!! In addition to this, he told me some particularities about his country that I didn’t know and that resulted to be really interesting for me.

To sum up, I would like to finish by saying that in those two hours and a half I felt really satisfaced as it is always worth to met people from different countries and learning new things about their culture, language and so on. For this reason I’m looking forward to meet Jeong again and to learn more things about his language and culture!!

Hope to see you in the next post!!

Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea