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Pyynikki observation tower

Today was our last meeting at Pyynikki observation tower.
We met down the stairs to walk up together.

We were talking about Christmas and how we are celebrating Christmas. Vilma and Pinja are going home for Christmas to celebrate it with their family. Marian and me, we are staying at different places in Finland to enjoy a bit more the Finnish winter… hope it will become real winter soon.

Furthermore we talked about Vilma’s upcoming semester abroad in Austria and we decided to meet if possible in Vienna for an additional meeting. I am very looking forward to meet them all again.
So far it was a great time with all of you and we had a lot of fun. See you again in Vienna.

trampolin park – kauppi sport center

Today we met at Kauppi Sport Center to go trampoline jumping.

As soon we arrived, we changed to our sports outfit, got some instructions about the rules while using the trampolines.
Then we directly started to go on the trampoline.

Firstly we went on the smaller once to give them a try because if you would directly start with the bigger once, you would never go back to the small once. We did it in the end that we tried the smaller trampolines again but it is no fun because they bounce much less.

So after we where pretty much done with the smaller once, we decided to try the big trampolines. At least me, I was already quite done because I am not as good in shape. At the big trampolines we had even more fun and started to do front flips etc. But synchronizing us all will even need a few more sessions.

Because trampoline jumping is so exhausting, it is nearly not possible to speak that much beside. We where all a bit in a hurry so we left the spot to continue with studying for our courses.

Finally we could say that it was a meeting with very much of fun. I am looking forward to the next meeting, even if this was my 10th already.

Pre-Christmas Party

Todays meeting took place in Solu. It was the “Each one teach one” pre-christmas party.
When I arrived some people where already there but nearly nobody broad some food from his country, which was a bit disappointing for me because I was looking forward to have the opportunity to taste all the different specialties.

We where talking about Christmas and about when everybody will leave or go home.
Furthermore, about weather and road conditions in the different countries and how the countries and people are dealing with the situation. How the weather is or has changed during the last decade, even if it was hard for some to speak about the last decade because they are a few years younger than me.

All in all it was a nice evening.

Meeting at Pella’s cafe

This meeting took place at the Pella’s cafe.

After arriving we ordered drinks or at least tried to order them. Me I tried my best and it went pretty well but for some reason she didn’t got that I would liked to have a coffee beside my two pastries. That was the point when the staff and me switched to English.

Ja both felt a bit sorry, me because of not speaking good enough Finnish to explain everything and the staff because of not getting it.

After this bumpy start of the meeting we where talking about the typically things which are done in the prechristmas time in our cultures.

It was obvious that things and cultures are changing because everybody gets more h international.

To sum it up, we had again a very nice meeting and I for my part know that I have to practice speaking Finnish.

Breakfast at Tullin Sauna

This time we met at Tullin Sauna to enjoy a nice breakfast.

We where talking about the difference between the cultures having breakfast. Where are not so hug differences between Finland and Germany.  Especially nowadays you can’t really say what exactly the culture of having breakfast is because the world is getting more international.

Beside having breakfast and a few cups of coffee, we where proofing our knowledge about e.g. the weekdays and a few more word and sentences. Pinja performed very well with the weekdays even if she never had them so far in German classes.

Me myself I don’t have any problems with the Finnish once but with writing I would probably make some mistakes. For me the biggest problem is still to create hole sentences but I am working on it.


We all enjoyed the breakfast and the nice conversation.

Studying at TAMK

Today we met at school to study a bit and to practice a bit the language.

We met in the evening and try to find a relaxed place. You could feel that everybody had a very long and exhausting day and that we where not at our top performance then all the other meetings before.

We first started ask the others to translate sentences or words which we already used and studied during the past meetings. This type of proofing the knowledge was hard because everybody was a bit tired. So it happened that I couldn’t remember the words or sentences.

Further, during our meeting we started to ask for translation of English sentences and as soon we got it in our native language we where trying to translate this sentence to the other language (Finnish or German). Even sometimes we just responded to the given question in the native language of the others.

Even we where done for the day, we had at least a bit of fun and tried to enjoy the meeting. Personally I can not recommend somebody to meet up when you had a very long working/studying day. It is not as efficient as it could be and it is a bit less fun.

Ice skating

Today we met at Hervannas ice ring to do a bit ice skating.

If you arrive at the address you just see a small building which pretend to be the ice skating ring, but their for it is way to small. I forgot to take a picture outside but you can find one at google (

The 2 ice rings are underground so this building is just the entrance.

When we where skating we where talking about the cultural differences between our countries in doing sports especially how common it is to do ice skating or cross-country skiing. In Finland the most people either love ice skating or cross-country skiing. But it is not related to age of people.
In Germany I wasn’t able to tell them if we have these differences because I am more from the northern part of Germany where we don’t have enough snow to practice cross-country skiing. In Germany we have more the difference between the north and the south, in the south it is more common to practice winter sports and in the north more the water sports. But as it is more easy to travel now a days, many people going once or twice the year for winter sports.

Furthermore Vilma gave us a short taste of synchronous ice skating which she practiced some years ago. Pinja and me where not able to skate like Vilma.

Korvapuusti & Karjalanpiirakka baking

This meeting took place at my flat because here we have the biggest kitchen.

We decided to make “Cinnamon rolls” (Korvapuusti) and “Karelian pies” (Karjalanpiirakka). So we met at my flat and then went first grocery shopping before we started cooking. As far we got all ingredients we returned to my flat. Beforehand Vilma prepared some daily phrases in Finnish for me as well as the role how the counting in finish is working. So I can now continue trying to survive in Finland while speaking Finnish 😉.

Pinja had prepared the recipes in finish and a bunch of vocabulary, e.g. different berries, mushrooms, etc. which you can find in the forest. Furthermore many vocabularies which I would need while reading the recipes and in general during baking.

I had prepared some more daily phrases and some vocabulary for baking as well in German. We all tried to pronounce many words in the foreign language and after a bit of practicing, it went quiet well. I mean, of course, words like “verquirlen(to scramble/mix) is very hard to pronounce but even that went fine after a few tries.

I always struggle with the Finnish words if the pronunciation of some letter combinations is totally different from the German or English pronunciation. But it is getting better.

After we prepared all our Food, we could finally start tasting it. We were nearly starving because we where so hungry. It took a few hours to prepare everything because we learned how you make Karjalanpiirakka in a traditional way. For me it was very nice to learn a lot about finish way of baking and to extend my knowledge of baking.

The Korvapuusti and Karjalanpiirakka where very delicious and I think we all had a lot of fun and a nice evening.


Our third meeting took place in a forest near Tampere.
We decided to use the fresh but still nice weather to stay outside and try to enjoy it as much as possible before the winter season will come.

The Kintulammi Hiking and Nature Reserve is a wonderful place to stay for a hike and to enjoy the finish nature.

While hiking through the beautiful forest, Vilma and Pinja where telling us a bit about the finish nature and forests and we learned some names of the trees in Finnish (“koivu“, “kuusi“, “pihta“).

Furthermore, we spoke about the finish way of enjoying the holidays and how the willingness to travel might have changed between the generations. We found some similarities between both nationalities in the way of going on vacation has changed.

I had prepared some German daily phrases which will help them to survive if they have to speak German.

Fazer Café Hämeenkatu

Our second meeting took place in “Fazer Café Hämeenkatu”.

Directly at the beginning of the meeting, we could test our knowledge from last time in ordering drinks. It worked quiet well and as soon we had our drinks we continued checking if we could remember the numbers. The challenge on top of it: writing down the numbers and not just speaking them. For me speaking was okay but the writing part needs still some practicing.

All of us had prepared some Finish or German words or sentences which we could practice a bit and we will learn them. I prepared some German daily phrases which might be useful. We started to pronounce them, which is not that easy if there is not a letter in your mother tongue.

I am looking forward to the next meeting.