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Last meeting

We went to Japanese sushi restaurant. It was better than I thought it is. There were many kind of sushi and something from China. I surprised that everyone used chopsticks in that restaurant. It is easy for us to use chopsticks. I thought it is difficult for finnish people.

After that, we went for a walk around a lake. It was little cold that day. However, I wanted to walk. Meri gave me a present on the way. those are some chocolate and a candle. I was happy very much.

Finnish lesson

I do not remember well, but I think this meeting I learned many Finnish words. we met at UTA library and went to sarsapisto. I practiced to count numbers again and again with ducks there. Meri told me the app that is to learn Finnish language easily. I use it every day. In the park, we saw many people at one place. I am not sure but maybe they played pokemongo. It was so funny because that app is not popular in Japan now and everyone was adults. I felt culture difference.And then we went for a walk with her dogs. They were so cute, I forget the type of the dogs but they were not big and tall. We just walked for 15 mins. It was a nice time.


I had never been to IKEA before and I knew Meatball at IKEA is famous, so I told Meri and we went to IKEA. We took a number 5 bus to there. There are so many furniture. Meri knew the name of furniture in Japanese but I did not know the Finnish name so this time Meri taught  me Finnish word of furniture. Some word is similar to Japanese word because there are a lot of word from outside of japan in Japanese language. By the way, Ikea has beautiful and fashionable furniture. I decided to buy stuff there in the future.

After we walked around Furniture zone, we ate lunch at IKEA restaurant. I ordered meatball with jam. It was better than I had thought it is. I had a good time.

Autumn colors and the lake

I wanted to take a bus and to sit a seat until final destination. I told that to Meri and in this meeting,  we decided to do that. We met at Itsenaisyydenkatu13 and took the number 17 bus. However, 17 bus didn’t go far away, so we returned and got off a bus in front of the lake which we had seen from a window. That lake was so beautiful because trees almost turned green to red or yarrow. We decided to walk around the lake. We taught some words about tree and lake in own language each other. While we were walking, it was snowing. It’s the first time I saw snow in the Finland and I saw snow on October 4th. After that, we went a cafe next to the lake. I learned Finnish there, we talked in only finnish. It is so hard ,but I think it is good way to learn language. I had a nice time.

Walking in the forest

Talking about Finland, it is either forest or lake. we walked around the lake last meeting, so this time we decided to explore the forest behind TAMK. We met up at flower shop near TAMK and walked from there. Sometimes we walked on the real  ground and climbed a big rock,  not clean road. I saw beautiful colourful mushrooms, must be poisonous one. While we were walking, Meri teach me some Finnish words about Forest. The word which left an impression is “aurinko”. It means the sun in finnish. I like this sound. It is like soft, cute, warm and apple. I will never forget this word.  walk, walk, crawl, walk. Finally, we reached a lake, because Finland has a ton of lakes. Meri brought a bread and tea for me. I ate that with happy.  It was a nice day in Finland


Finnish market

In last meeting, I found there are some crayfishes in Finland. I would often go fishing it  when I was child, so I wanted to see it. however, Meri said it is not possible to see crayfish in cold season. I gave up that, and we decided to meet at the market. It was the first time I went to the market like this. Things sold in this market was not special, so we just bought cakes and went to UTA restaurant.



After that, we went to the place that has a good view because it was super sunny day. I thought it will be difficult to see the sun in winter, so I wanted to go outside on sunny day as much as possible. On the beach of lake, Meri told me photobomb is a boom. It is to interrupt when people is taking a photo.

4meeting in the museum

we went to the museum on September 22.  The museum has history, animals, games, etc… Animals corner was the most interesting one for me. There were many animals which I can not see in japan. For example, we can see a wolf in Finland but Japanese wolf extinct.  We can not see wolf anymore in japan. In this corner Meri gave me a paper written Japanese animal name. that is a work I have to find finnsh name. I thought it is nice idea to learn Finnsh word. I had a nice time, but I did not teach her Japanese word. We talked a lot in Japanese so I don’t know if it is good for meri learning Japanese. I will ask her next time.

Third Meeting on my birthday

we went to Maruseki to eat Sushi on September 20. the day is my birthday. Maruseki is a Japanese restaurant. she said she often goes there. we ordered sushi. there were many sushi on menu. there was sushi whici is same name but different neta. that was very interesting.

After eating lunch, we went to the library because I wanted her to translate a book which I bought yesterday. I forgot that books name but it explains Finnish personality. I found Finnish people is so similar to Japanese. I had a nice day

Second meeting at Prisma

It is getting cold and the weather is not good these days. Our second meeting was held at Prisma to buy my rain coart. Frist, we went in big super market. Surprisingly that market has everything, not only food. I’ve never seen like it in Japan. We found rain coarts, but it is too big for me because it is made for Finnish people. We gave up to find rain coart there. Insted of rain coart, My partner bought traditional? food in Finland for me. 

And then, We went to a caff to study Finnish. Meri taught me Finnish using caff menu.  I learned some finnish words. Now, I can say “I want French Fries.  Next time, I want to learn pronunciation of Finnish. We talked in Japanese, so I taught her vocaburaly.

Our First Meeting(Finnish-Japanese)

My pertner is Meri. We met at Pyynikin Munkkikahvila on September 10.  The reason why I chose the shop is that I saw the shop on a Finnish guide book which I brought from Japan. We ordered a fliffy donut. 

And then, I got a note book and travel brochure from Merisan. Surprisingly  Meri had already written greetings of Finnish etc in the notebook. I am so happy and lucky to meet her. We talked about each culture and myself.  she can speak Japanese well and I cannot speak Finnish at all, so she teach me Finnish in Japanese.  Finnish sound is very funny for Japanese because It is like Japanese sound but dose not make sense.

Since I came to Finland, I would like to speak Finnish even for just a bit.